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hachamf  Download
Hacha Mecha Fighter (19th Sep. 1991, protected, set 1)

hachamfb  Download
Hacha Mecha Fighter (19th Sep. 1991, unprotected, bootleg Thunder Dragon conversion)

hachoo  Download

haekaka  Download
Hae Hae Ka Ka Ka

hal21  Download

halleysc  Download
Halley's Comet (US)

hamaway  Download
Hammer Away (Japan, prototype)

hamboy  Download
Hammer Boy

hammer  Download

hanaawas  Download
Hana Awase

hanagumi  Download
Sakura Taisen - Hanagumi Taisen Columns (J 971007 V1.010)

hanakanz  Download
Hana Kanzashi (Japan)

hanamomb  Download
Mahjong Hana no Momoko gumi (Japan 881125)

hanamomo  Download
Mahjong Hana no Momoko gumi (Japan 881201)

hanaoji  Download
Hana to Ojisan [BET] (ver 1.01, 1991/12/09)

hanaroku  Download

hanayara  Download
Hana wo Yaraneba! (Japan)

hangly  Download
Hangly-Man (set 1)

hangman  Download

hangon  Download
Hang-On (Rev A)

hangonjr  Download
Hang-On Jr. (Rev. B)

hangplt  Download
Hang Pilot (ver JAB)

hangzo  Download
Hangzo (Japan, prototype)

happy6  Download
Huanle Liuhe Yi (Happy 6-in-1) (M68K ver. V101, ARM ver. V102CN)

happy6100hk  Download
Huanle Liuhe Yi (Happy 6-in-1) (M68K ver. V100HK, ARM ver. V100HK)

hapytour  Download
Happy Tour

harddriv  Download
Hard Drivin' (cockpit, rev 7)

harddunk  Download
Hard Dunk (World)

hardhat  Download
Hard Hat

hardhea2  Download
Hard Head 2 (v2.0, Music Program v2.4)

hardhead  Download
Hard Head

hardyard  Download
Hard Yardage (v1.20)

harem  Download

haremchl  Download
Harem Challenge

hasamu  Download
Hasamu (Japan)

hatena  Download
Adventure Quiz 2 - Hatena? no Daibouken (Japan 900228)

hatris  Download
Hatris (US)

hattrick  Download
Hat Trick

hayaosi1  Download
Hayaoshi Quiz Ouza Ketteisen - The King Of Quiz

hayaosi2  Download
Hayaoshi Quiz Grand Champion Taikai

hayaosi3  Download
Hayaoshi Quiz Nettou Namahousou (ver 1.5)

hbarrelu  Download
Heavy Barrel (US)

hcastle  Download
Haunted Castle (version M)

hcrash  Download
Hyper Crash (version D)

hcrashc  Download
Hyper Crash (version C)

hdrivair  Download
Hard Drivin's Airborne (prototype)

headon  Download
Head On (2 players)

headon2  Download
Head On 2

headoni  Download
Head On (Irem, M-15 Hardware)

heartatk  Download
Heart Attack

heatbrl  Download
Heated Barrel (World version 3)

heberpop  Download
Hebereke no Popoon (Japan)

hedpanic  Download
Head Panic (ver. 0117, 17/01/2000)

hedpanicf  Download
Head Panic (ver. 0315, 15/03/2000)

hedpanico  Download
Head Panic (ver. 0615, 15/06/1999)

helifire  Download
HeliFire (set 1)

hellfire  Download
Hellfire (2P set)

hellfire1  Download
Hellfire (1P set)

herbiedk  Download
Herbie at the Olympics (DK conversion)

hero  Download

heuksun  Download
Heuk Sun Baek Sa (Korea)

hexa  Download

hexion  Download
Hexion (Japan ver JAB)

hexionb  Download
Hexion (Asia ver AAA, bootleg)

hginga  Download
Hanafuda Hana Ginga [BET] (Japan)

hgkairak  Download
Taisen Hot Gimmick Kairakuten (Japan)

hgokou  Download
Hanafuda Hana Gokou [BET] (Japan)

hharry  Download
Hammerin' Harry (World, M81 hardware)

hidctch2  Download
Hidden Catch 2 (pcb ver 3.03) (Kor/Eng) (AT89c52 protected)

hidctch3  Download
Hidden Catch 3 (ver 1.00 / pcb ver 3.05)

hidnc2k  Download
Hidden Catch 2000 (AT89c52 protected)

hidnctch  Download
Hidden Catch (World) / Tul Lin Gu Lim Chat Ki '98 (Korea) (pcb ver 3.03)

higemaru  Download
Pirate Ship Higemaru

highsplt  Download
Space Fever High Splitter (set 1)

highsplta  Download
Space Fever High Splitter (set 2)

highspltb  Download
Space Fever High Splitter (alt Sound)

hiimpact  Download
High Impact Football (rev LA5 02/15/91)

himesiki  Download
Himeshikibu (Japan)

hipai  Download
Hi Pai Paradise

hippodrm  Download
Hippodrome (US)

histryma  Download
The History of Martial Arts (set 1)

hitice  Download
Hit the Ice (US)

hitme  Download
Hit Me (set 1)

hitnmiss  Download
Hit 'n Miss (version 3.0)

hitnmiss2  Download
Hit 'n Miss (version 2.0)

hjingi  Download
Hana Jingi (Japan, Bet)

hkagerou  Download
Hana Kagerou [BET] (Japan)

hldspin1  Download
Hold & Spin I (Version 2.7T, set 1)

hldspin1dt  Download
Hold & Spin I (Version 2.7T, set 2)

hldspin1o  Download
Hold & Spin I (Version 2.5T)

hldspin1vt  Download
Hold & Spin I (Version 2.7T Dual)

hldspin2  Download
Hold & Spin II (Version 2.8R, set 1)

hldspin2d1  Download
Hold & Spin II (Version 2.8R, set 2)

hldspin2o  Download
Hold & Spin II (Version 2.6)

hldspin2v1  Download
Hold & Spin II (Version 2.8R Dual)

hnayayoi  Download
Hana Yayoi (Japan)

hndlchmp  Download
Handle Champ (GQ710 97/12/18 VER. SAA)

hngmnjpm  Download
Hangman (JPM)

hnkochou  Download
Hana Kochou (Japan, Bet)

hoccer  Download
Hoccer (set 1)

hogalley  Download
Vs. Hogan's Alley (set HA4-1 E-1)

holeland  Download
Hole Land (Japan)

holo  Download
Holosseum (US, Rev A)

homerun  Download
Moero!! Pro Yakyuu Homerun Kyousou

homo  Download

honeydol  Download
Honey Dolls

hook  Download
Hook (World)

hoops95  Download
Hoops (Europe/Asia 1.7)

hoops96  Download
Hoops '96 (Europe/Asia 2.0)

hopmappy  Download
Hopping Mappy

hopprobo  Download
Hopper Robo

horekid  Download
Kid no Hore Hore Daisakusen

horizon  Download
Horizon (Irem)

horshoes  Download
American Horseshoes (US)

hotblock  Download
Hot Blocks - Tetrix II (set 1)

hotbubl  Download
Hot Bubble (Korea, with adult pictures)

hotbubla  Download
Hot Bubble (Korea)

hotchase  Download
Hot Chase (set 1)

hotdebut  Download
Quiz de Idol! Hot Debut (Japan)

hotdogst  Download
Hotdog Storm (Korea)

hotgm4ev  Download
Taisen Hot Gimmick 4 Ever (Japan)

hotgmck  Download
Taisen Hot Gimmick (Japan)

hotgmck3  Download
Taisen Hot Gimmick 3 Digital Surfing (Japan)

hotgmcki  Download
Mahjong Hot Gimmick Integral (Japan)

hotmemry  Download
Hot Memory (V1.2, Germany, 12/28/94)

hotmemry11  Download
Hot Memory (V1.1, Germany, 11/30/94)

hotmind  Download
Hot Mind (Hard Times hardware)

hotpinbl  Download
Hot Pinball

hotrod  Download
Hot Rod (World, 3 Players, Turbo set 1, Floppy Based)

hotshock  Download
Hot Shocker

hotsmash  Download
Vs. Hot Smash

hourouki  Download
Mahjong Hourouki Part 1 - Seisyun Hen (Japan)

housemn2  Download
House Mannequin Roppongi Live hen (Japan 870418)

housemnq  Download
House Mannequin (Japan 870217)

hparadis  Download
Super Hana Paradise (Japan)

hpolym84  Download
Hyper Olympic '84

hrdtimes  Download
Hard Times (set 1)

hsf2  Download
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (USA 040202)

hsf2a  Download
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (Asia 040202)

hsf2d  Download
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (Asia 040202 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)

hsf2j  Download
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (Japan 040202)

hsf2j1  Download
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition (Japan 031222)

hstennis  Download
Hot Shots Tennis (V1.1)

hstennis10  Download
Hot Shots Tennis (V1.0)

htchctch  Download
Hatch Catch

htengoku  Download
Hanafuda Hana Tengoku [BET] (Japan)

hthero  Download
Hat Trick Hero (Japan)

humlan  Download
Humlan's Lyckohjul (Sweden, Ver. 402)

hunchbak  Download
Hunchback (set 1)

hunchbaka  Download
Hunchback (set 2)

huncholy  Download
Hunchback Olympic

hustle  Download

hustler  Download
Video Hustler

hustlerb  Download
Video Hustler (bootleg, set 1)

hustlerb2  Download
Fatsy Gambler (Video Hustler bootleg)

hustlerb3  Download
Video Pool (Video Hustler bootleg)

hustlerb4  Download
Video Hustler (bootleg, set 2)

hustlerb5  Download
Video Hustler (bootleg, set 3)

hustlerd  Download
Video Hustler (Dynamo Games)

hvnsgate  Download
Heaven's Gate

hvoltage  Download
High Voltage

hvymetal  Download
Heavy Metal (315-5135)

hvysmsh  Download
Heavy Smash (Europe version -2)

hvyunit  Download
Heavy Unit (World)

hvyunitu  Download
Heavy Unit -U.S.A. Version- (US)

hwchamp  Download
Heavyweight Champ (set 1)

hwrace  Download
High Way Race

hydra  Download

hyhoo  Download
Hayaoshi Taisen Quiz Hyhoo (Japan)

hyhoo2  Download
Hayaoshi Taisen Quiz Hyhoo 2 (Japan)

hypbbc2p  Download
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ - 2 Player (GX908 1999/08/24 VER. JAA)

hyperath  Download
Hyper Athlete (GV021 Japan 1.00)

hyperbbc  Download
Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ (GQ876 VER. EAA)

hyperpac  Download
Hyper Pacman

hyperpacb  Download
Hyper Pacman (bootleg)

hyperspt  Download
Hyper Sports

hyprdriv  Download
Hyperdrive (ver 1.40, Oct 23 1998)

hyprduel  Download
Hyper Duel (Japan set 1)

hypreac2  Download
Mahjong Hyper Reaction 2 (Japan)

hypreact  Download
Mahjong Hyper Reaction (Japan)

hyprolym  Download
Hyper Olympic

hyprolymb  Download
Hyper Olympic (bootleg, set 1)

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