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offroad  Download
Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road (rev 4)

offroadc  Download
Off Road Challenge (v1.63)

offroadc1  Download
Off Road Challenge (v1.10)

offroadt  Download
Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road Track-Pak

offtwall  Download
Off the Wall (2/3-player upright)

ohmygod  Download
Oh My God! (Japan)

ohpaipee  Download
Oh! Paipee (Japan 890227)

oigas  Download
Oigas (bootleg)

oisipuzl  Download
Oishii Puzzle Ha Irimasenka

ojanko2  Download
Ojanko Yakata 2bankan (Japan)

ojankoc  Download
Ojanko Club (Japan, Program Ver. 1.3, set 1)

ojankohs  Download
Ojanko High School (Japan)

ojankoy  Download
Ojanko Yakata (Japan)

ojousan  Download
Ojousan (Japan 871204)

olds  Download
Oriental Legend Super / Xiyou Shi E Chuan Super (ver. 101, Korean Board)

oldsplus  Download
Oriental Legend 2 (Korea) / Xiyou Shi E Chuan Qunmoluanwu (World, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan) (ver. 205) [Oriental Ex]

omega  Download

omegaf  Download
Omega Fighter

omegrace  Download
Omega Race (set 1)

omotesnd  Download
Omotesandou (Japan 890215)

oneshot  Download
One Shot One Kill

onetwo  Download
One + Two

onna34ro  Download
Onna Sanshirou - Typhoon Gal

opaopa  Download
Opa Opa (MC-8123, 317-0042)

openice  Download
2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge (rev 1.21)

opwolf  Download
Operation Wolf (World, set 1)

opwolf3  Download
Operation Wolf 3 (World)

orangec  Download
Orange Club - Maruhi Kagai Jugyou (Japan 880213)

orbit  Download

orbitron  Download

orbs  Download
Orbs (10/7/94 prototype?)

ordyne  Download
Ordyne (World)

ordynej  Download
Ordyne (Japan)

ordyneje  Download
Ordyne (Japan, English Version)

orius  Download
Orius (ver UAA)

orleg2  Download
Oriental Legend 2 (V104, Oversea)

orlegend  Download
Oriental Legend / Xiyou Shi E Chuan (ver. 126)

orunners  Download
OutRunners (World)

oscar  Download
Psycho-Nics Oscar (World revision 0)

osman  Download
Osman (World)

otatidai  Download
Disco Mahjong Otachidai no Okite (Japan)

otenamhf  Download
Otenami Haiken Final (V2.07JC 2005/04/20 15:36)

otenamih  Download
Otenami Haiken (V2.04J 1999/02/01 18:00:00)

otenki  Download
Otenki Kororin (V2.01J 2001/07/02 10:00)

othello  Download
Othello (version 3.0)

othellos  Download
Othello Shiyouyo (J 980423 V1.002)

othldrby  Download
Othello Derby (Japan)

othunder  Download
Operation Thunderbolt (World, rev 1)

othundero  Download
Operation Thunderbolt (World)

otonano  Download
Otona no Mahjong (Japan 880628)

otwalls  Download
Off the Wall (Sente)

outfxies  Download
The Outfoxies (World, OU2)

outfxiesj  Download
The Outfoxies (Japan, OU1)

outrun  Download
Out Run (sitdown/upright, Rev B)

outrunb  Download
Out Run (bootleg)

outzone  Download
Out Zone

overtop  Download
Over Top

ozmawars  Download
Ozma Wars (set 1)

ozon1  Download
Ozon I

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