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MAMErenSET v2.00

Now available, thanks to Guy Peters, the first program that uses my renameSET.dat (version  ". Ini") to re-order your set of images, renaming and deleting files, according to the changes to every MAME output are made. It's simple: download the file below, unzip and copy to the destination folder the latest renameSET. Start the program and indicate which version and from the directory containing the files to be processed. I hope this new utility brings some advantages to all users of the MAME complete with all support files. Now also available for MESS!

Download MAMErenSET

 CHDman FE v1.01

To facilitate the use of the program CHDman for inexperienced users, we created this small program that simplifies the main operations. Perhaps in the future, all functions are supported.

Download CHDman FE

 iniCreator v1.00

This little program is only meant to create the ini files to use with your MAME (or MESS). Is sufficient to indicate in which folder the files to process are placed, and file name you want. Then pressing the 'Run' button will create the desired file.

Download iniCreator

 ADB Tool v1.47

ADB Tool, write by motoschifo, it's an utility for Windows that lets you download all the extra files of this site in a very comfortable way and with a few clicks. This program actually can do (and will do) many things, including: creating snapshots and videos to be sent automatically to the site, then translated and published use local lists or web saved lists to download only a small set of files complete local front-end extra files clean or clone romsets downloading updates with different options to avoid existing files overwriting.

Download ADB Tool

MFM MAME File Manager v0.9.5 (latest update: Jul 5, 2018)

Desktop application for creating lists and extracting play sets of MAME Roms, CHDs and Extras to another location from complete or larger sets. Built in lists: Arcade, BIOS, CHD, Clone, Devices, Cocktail, Horizontal, Imperfect, LCD, No Clone, Raster, Simultaneous, System(MESS), Vector, Vertical. ListBuilder with filters for: MAME(Arcade, System), Orientation(Vertical,Horizontal,Cocktail), Display(Raster,Vector,LCD), No Clones, No Imperfect, No Mature, No Mechanical, # of Game Buttons, # of Players, Simultaneous play, Joystick(s), Languages, Year, Categories, Controls(Any, All, Exact). ListEditor: Multi-select to add to or remove from a Working List. Add a list to the current Working List. Intersection (machines in both) of this list with current Working List entries. Subtract a list from the current Working List. GUI based on MAMEUI. You can scroll through machines, view extras images & read all related information (history.dat, mameinfo.dat, messinfo.dat, sysinfo.dat). Basic front end capability to run MAME. Author Phweda from PleasureDome.

Download MFM

MAME Set Rebuilder v1.23

MAME Set Rebuilder has many advantages versus Clrmamepro: Only 3 steps are needed for start rebuilding: selection of source and destination folder, selection of xml/dat file of desired M.A.M.E. version and selection of set type (not merged, split or merged). * It's able to use old dat format from old M.A.M.E. version, for example 0.37b5. * On destination set only complete romset will be created. With Clrmamepro if your starting set is not complete it creates also incomplete romset. In this way romset won't start with M.A.M.E. that complains for missing roms. This is very tedious (with complete set it doesn't happen) and always happens during downgrade of few romset. * In the romset will be inserted (using a prefix) also roms that in xml/dat file are reported with same name but different CRC (in this case Clrmamepro takes only last one). * Romset will be separated in different folders: bios-devices, mechanical, roms and roms_chd_needed. In the last two folders will be other folders for separate Parent from Clone and romset that needs a BIOS. Original page: here. Author F. Lancioni from retropie-italia.it.

Download MAME Set Rebuilder

MAME ROMLister v33

OK, you've just spent 6 months working on your arcade cabinet. You've just copied the entire set of MAME ROMs over to your machine. You call your buddies over for gaming night, and one of them picks "spy hunter" from the full list of games. Whoops. You don't have a steering wheel or a throttle control on your machine. OK, OK, skip that, you get your friend to forget that game and pick another one. Area 51! Yeah! Oh wait, you don't have a light gun installed. Isn't this embarrassing? Wouldn't it be better to only put games on your machine that your machine is capable of playing? That's what ROMLister is for. Features: Unlimited, customizable search parameters. For example, you can find all the non-adult, fighting games that use an 8way joystick, 6 buttons or less, and are horizontal. Or you could just do stuff like locate all the cocktail games, or any combination you can dream up. Original page: here. Author Jeff from arcadecontrols.com.

Download ROMLister

Download ROMLister (source)


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