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There are many people I should thank, who gave me confidence from the outset (s_bastian of progettoEMMA, Ricky74 of mamechannel.it, Twisty of mameworld.info), but who I feel most of all have to thank my wife and daughter to show me the patience and the support they always give me, helping me active in my new adventure into the world of MAME.

Site debugging: Ricky74 & s_bastian


People who have created and allowed the resources on my site:

01. CrashTest Snapshots MAME
02. HitF12 Snapshots MAME
03. M.A.S.H. Cabinets and Devices MESS
04. Haynor666 Cabinets and Control Panels MAME
05. TaFa and Dan Flyers MAME
06. Janez Icons and CatVer MAME
07. Antny Cabinets, Marquees, Control Panel MAME
08. Dany69 Manuals and PCB MAME
09. Robbbert Snapshots HBMAME
10. EtaBeta Snapshots MESS
11. JacKc Logo's of site -
12. Anna Wu First release of MESS Icons MESS
13. motoschifo VideoSnaps and much more help! MAME
14. phulshof Snaphots MESS
15. adolfo69 VideoSnaps MAME/MESS
16. kollian Marquees MAME
17. JuLePe CatVer MAME
18. Procyon & Fabricio Command.dat MAME
19. Flymer76 Snapshots MAMEUIFX
20. DrB Animated web site logo -


That's who, when possible, has contributed to the site:

01. G.B. Rogue River Oregon USA
02. Ted1969 Poulton-Le-Fylde Lancashire GB
03. G.V. Pietra Ligure Liguria ITA
04. Jeroen B. SB Houten - NL
05. krydas - - GR
06. Michael H. Hilo HI USA
07. Robert S. Dunlap IL USA
08. Min Song Toronto Ontario CAN
09. Tiziano Z. Quistello Mantova ITA
10. Andreas M.  Gaschurn - A
11. Lee T. Stoke on Trent Staffordshire UK
12. Russell S. Braselton GA USA
13. Freund J. Cupertino CA USA
14. Lindbergh P. Anderstorp - S
15. Roger R. Sarina Queensland AUS
16. Vincent R. Paillencourt - F
17. Jeramy E. Manassas VA USA
18. Stefano B. - - ITA
19. Renato M. - - CH
20. Max S. - - -
21. Angela B. - - -
22. Brian K. - - USA
23. Alastair L. Sebastopol VIC AUS
24. Jos� Angel P.P. - - -
25. Matt A. - - -
26. Guillermo Gra�a G. Barcelona - E


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