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This project came about as a result of the continuous changes that mamedevs provide the names of the sets out whenever a new version of the executable. The reasons for these changes are manifold: correction of previous errors, addition of new games with similar names, etc.. By the time the project has expanded by collecting not only changes the name of the sets but also a kind of statistical data-base.

renameSET.dat (whatsnew)

renameSET.dat (0.237)

New in renameSET.dat:
# RENAMESET.DAT v0.237 Latest update: October 28, 2021 # # # Statistic information of MAME (tm) updating sets by AntoPISA # THE INFOS IN THIS FILE IS NOT OFFICIAL, IT IS FOR DEMONSTRATIVE PURPOSE ONLY # OFFICIAL DATA CONCERNS: "machines", "parents", "clones", "BIOS", "devices", "working", "not working", "mechanical", "not mechanical", "savestate supported", "savestate not supported", "horizontal" and "vertical". # # Thanks to MAMEDevs for whatsnew.txt # Guy Peters for the "ini_generator" # M.A.S.H. for "mameinfo.dat" # motoschifo for "ADB Tool" and for the constant support! # # # 587 removed machines/devices overall in the history of MAME # 5.862 renamed machines/devices overall in the history of MAME # # $0.237 [#676] 2021/10/26 43.908 items, 38.434 machines (+31), 13.084 parents (+7), 25.423 clones (+23), 73 BIOS (-1), 5.401 device (-5/+35), 1.074 use CHDs, 1.252 use Samples, Working 14.148 (+18), NotWorking 24.359 (+12), Mechanical 15.434 (+3), NotMechanical 23.073 (+27), SaveState Supported 11.022 (+56), SaveState Not Supported 27.485 (-26), Horizontal 35.440 (+19), Vertical 3.067 (+11) 327.790 roms (+374), 326.025 program roms (+376), 585 BIOS roms (-2), 1.180 CHD roms, 293 sample roms 642 active SL (+1), 12 orphan SL (+1), 130.117 active software (-6/+368), 886 orphan software (+119) 6 ren: asukaj > asukaja cosmica2 > cosmica2a cosmica3 > cosmica22 nes_fcgj8in1 > nes_bmc_el86xc pc6001sr > pc6001mk2sr spcdraga > floritas 6 del: deco_zoomspr nes_resettxrom0 nes_resettxrom1 nes_resettxrom2 nes_whero gts1s 1 active software-list added: pc6001_cart (NEC PC-6001 cartridges) 1 software-list added: apple2gs_flop_clcracked software added/removed: apple2_flop_clcracked (+117) apple2_flop_orig (+26) apple2gs_flop_clcracked (+119) apple2gs_flop_misc (-4) apple2gs_flop_orig (+2) c64_cass (+104) ibm5150 (+6) ibm5170 (+8) megadriv (+1) nes (-1/+48) pc6001_cart (+11) vgmplay (+44) 1 software renamed: nes | mc_scb4 > mc_4cb34 6 software removed: nes | avmsnzs1 nes | mk4p8 apple2gs_flop_misc | 4thinchs apple2gs_flop_misc | arkanoid apple2gs_flop_misc | arknoid2 apple2gs_flop_misc | thexdero

Other Files

category.ini (0.236)

In this package you can find these ini files:
List with arcade machines in MAME.
List BIOSes of arcade machines.
List with arcade machines in MAME (BIOS excluded).
List of 'Bootleg' machines.
MAME machines divided by type of cabinets (only arcade).
MAME machines divided by category.
List all the machines that need a CHD to run (BIOS excluded).
List all the machines working that need a CHD to run (BIOS excluded).
Clones Arcade:
List of clone arcade machines (to complete MAMEUI).
MAME machines divided by drivers.
MAME machines with free-play option (only arcade).
Mechanicals Arcade:
List of mechanical arcade machines (to complete MAMEUI).
List with all others machines in MAME.
MAME machines divided by colors.
Non Bootleg:
List the machines excluding all 'bootlegs'.
Non Mechanicals Arcade:
List of not mechanical arcade machines (to complete MAMEUI).
Not Working Arcade:
List of not working arcade machines (to complete MAMEUI).
Originals Arcade:
List of arcade parent machines (to complete MAMEUI).
MAME machines divided by original resolution.
Only MAME machines without screen.
Working Arcade:
List of working arcade machines (to complete MAMEUI).
Working Arcade Clean:
List all the working machines excluding: Casino, Electromechanical, Medal Game, Quiz, Slot Machine, Whac-A-Mole, Tabletop (Mahjong, Othello, Pachino, etc.) and Utilities.






version.ini (0.236)

In this package you can find these ini files:
List of machines for inclusion version in MAME.
List of machines added in the latest version of MAME.


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