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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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download messinfo.dat

New in MESSInfo:
0.238: ====== - acorn_vidc1: Changed description to 'Acorn VIDC1'. - acorn_vidc1a: Changed description to 'Acorn VIDC1a'. - acrnsys.cpp: Set default configuration of RAM cards [Nigel Barnes]. - amiga.cpp: Corrected the software list's description (added the manufacturer's name) in "amiga_hdd.xml" [ArcadeShadow]. - amstrad.cpp: Return 0xFF on PPI port A when the PSG is inactive [Barry Rodewald]. - apple2gs: Add debugger annotations for the Animation Toolset [R. Belmont, Antoine Vignau]. Fix GCC compile. Fix regression pointed out by Coverity [R. Belmont]. - archimedes_keyboard: Swap Center and Right mouse buttons [Nigel Barnes]. - at.cpp: Correct mba032q year typo [hap]. - centronics: Added Vertical Twist Joystick Interface (for Archimedes) [Nigel Barnes]. Fixed conflicting DIP locations, reversed order and inverted polarity for Epson printers. Also added the LX-810 (without L suffix) DIP switches for reference - we don't have a device for this printer yet [Vas Crabb]. - cfrogger: Changed manufacturer to 'Coleco / Konami'. - coco12.cpp: Audited save state support and marked it as supported for systems [Tim Lindner]. - diablo68a: Correct romlabels [hap]. - econet: Archimedes econet interface devices: Econet interface (not working). RTFM Joystick Interface [Nigel Barnes]. - f8: Add callback for overriding the normal reset address [AJR]. - facit4440: Updates based on schematics [AJR]. - fmtowns: Disable FMR backwards compatibility text rendering, fixes display regression [Barry Rodewald]. - gt913,gt913_sound_hle: Log two more unknown sound commands [Devin Acker]. - hh_melps4.cpp: Add gakken frogger note [hap]. - hh_sm510.cpp: Typo in comment [hap]. - indy_indigo2.cpp: Add new softlist entries from jrra.zone and archive.org. Add new softlist entries from jrra.zone more sgi_mips softlist entries from jrra.zone. Even more sgi_mips softlist entries more SGI IRIX CDs from jrra.zone [Michael D]. - lwriter.cpp: Add support for lwriter rev2 ROM [Jeff Muizelaar]. - mc68328: Cleaned up register handlers and structure [Ryan Holtz, MooglyGuy]. Moved #define macros into enums within the class. Cleaned up register handlers and structure. Changed preprocessor macro constants to enumerated constants in device class [Ryan Holtz]. - nes.cpp: Fleshed out some SA1 features, added wait states and improved interrupts [cam900]. Simplified 8K banking with existing parameterized function [kmg]. - nes_bandai_pt554: Changed description to 'NES Cart Bandai PT-554 PCB'. - nes_smd133: Changed description to 'NES Cart SMD133 PCB'. - novag_diablo.cpp: Fix lockup problem at fresh start [hap]. - pce.cpp: Updated some comments [kmg]. - pockchal: Redumped 4 carts which were previously underdumped in "pockchalw.xml" [skaman]. - saa1099: Fixed output behavior when both noise and square wave are enabled [cam900]. - samcoupe: Corrected software list description of "samcoupe_cass.xml" [ArcadeShadow]. - snes.cpp: BugFIX#07556 [Crash/Freeze] (snes.cpp) snes, snespal [ctrigger and clones]: Chrono trigger consistently causes segfault [AmatCoder]. - tms32031: Added TMS320VC33 support and expanded notes [cam900]. - tms34010: Clarify that not all illegal opcodes are actually trapped; separate TMS34020 emulation better [AJR]. - tms9900: Fix PC display for watchpoint hits [AJR]. - tms9995: Fixed pc not displaying when watchpoint hit [Robbbert]. - upd4701a: Change input update method to not use PORT_RESET [AJR]. - Renamed (acorn_vidc10) to (acorn_vidc1), (acorn_vidc10_lcd) to (acorn_vidc1a) and (nes_coolboy) to (nes_smd133). - afx303, DinSync added Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer system. - algestam, Milan Galcik added bootleg (Elektronika) Fowling and bootleg (Elektronika) Monkey Goalkeeper systems. - Binary Dinosaurs, Nigel Barnes added Positron Computers Ltd Positron 9000 system. - Bitsavers added Fairchild Instrument & Camera Corporation F387X PEP System system. - Devin Acker added Casio CTK-2100 system. - Luigi30 added Motorola SYS1121 system. - Added Acorn ADF10/AEH52 Econet Module, Acorn AGA30 BBC I/O Podule, Acorn AKA05 ROM Podule, Acorn AKA10 BBC I/O Podule, Acorn AKA12 User Port/MIDI Podule, Acorn AKA15 MIDI and BBC I/O Podule, Acorn AKA16 MIDI Podule, Acorn AKA25 Ethernet, Acorn Archimedes Econet Module slot, Acorn Archimedes Expansion Bus, Acorn Archimedes Podule slot, Acorn Archimedes RTFM Joystick Interface, Acorn Battery Management Unit, Acorn LC ASIC, Acorn Tube Podule, Archimedes Dual RS423 Serial Interface, ARM PL190 VIC, Armadillo Systems A448 Sound Sampler, Armadillo Systems A448b Stereo MIDI Sound Sampler, Atomwide Serial Expansion Card, Baildon Electronics IDE HD Interface, Bandai Hyper Shot Lightgun, Clares Armadeus Sampler Board, Computer Concepts FaxPack Modem, Computer Concepts LaserDirect (Canon LBP-4), Computer Concepts ScanLight, Computer Concepts ScanLight Junior, Computer Concepts ScanLight Video 256, Digital Services Ethernet Podule, Generic RAM 128K (linear mapping), Generic RAM 128K (plain mapping), Generic RAM 32K (linear mapping), Generic RAM 32K (plain mapping), Generic RAM 64K (linear mapping), Generic RAM 64K (plain mapping), HCCS User/Analogue Podule, IGS Tap-tap Mat, Konami 'Doremikko' Piano Keyboard, Konami Exciting Boxing Air Bag, Motorola MVME-120, Motorola MVME-121, Motorola MVME-122, Motorola MVME-123, NEC uPD800468, NEC uPD800468 timer, NEC uPD800468 VIC, NES Cart BMW8544 PCB, RISC Developments Ethernet Card, RISC Developments IDE Hard Disc System, SJ Research Nexus Interface (A500), Texas Instruments TMS320VC33, The Serial Port/Vertical Twist Joystick Interface, Universal Peripheral Controller 82C710, Universal Peripheral Controller 82C711, VTI User Port and SCSI Podule, Watford Electronics BBC User I/O Card, Wild Vision MidiMax, Wild Vision/Computer Concepts Eagle M2, Wild Vision/Computer Concepts Lark A16 devices. - Nigel Barnes added Acorn Computers Acorn A500 Development System, Acorn Computers Acorn A500 Domesday Development System, Acorn Computers Acorn A680 UNIX Evaluation System, Acorn Computers Acorn M4, Acorn Computers Acorn R140, Acorn Computers Acorn R225 and Acorn Computers Acorn R260 systems. - AJR added f387x.cpp driver. - Devin Acker added ctk2000.cpp driver. - hap added roland_tr808.cpp driver. - Katherine Rohl added sys1121.cpp driver. - Nigel Barnes added positron.cpp driver.




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