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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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New in MESSInfo:
0.221: ====== - abc802: Machine promoted to working [Curt Coder]. - abcbus_slot: Fixed default DIP switch settings for the Luxor 4105 SASI interface. Added a ROM to the Xebec S1410. Fixed the Luxor 55 21056 SASI interface (for ABC 850/852/856 hard drives) [Curt Coder]. - acia6850: Fixed transmission of a spurious character following master reset [AJR]. - am9517a: Assert EOP during final DMA transfer, rather than after [AJR]. - bndarc: Changed description to 'Arcadia (Bandai)'. - c64: Processed tape images with tapclean, and added credits for dumps in c64_cass.xml [Zoe Blade]. - c8095_90: Changed description to 'Intel C8095-90'. - cc10a: Changed description to 'Chess Challenger "10" (model CCX)'. - cc3: Changed description to 'Chess Challenger (upgraded version, 3 levels)'. - cc7o: Changed description to 'Chess Challenger "7" (model CC7)'. - cd32: Re-dumped atr in cd32.xml [Guru]. - checkc4: Changed description to 'Checker Challenger (model ACR, 4 levels)'. - chessmst, chessmsta, chessmstdm, lc80, lc80_2: Changed manufacturer to 'VEB Mikroelektronik "Karl Marx" Erfurt'. - csce: Changed description to 'Elite Champion Challenger (Travemuende version)'. - fb01: Changed description to 'FB-01 FM Sound Generator'. - fdes2100d: Changed description to 'Designer 2100 Display'. - feasgla: Changed description to 'Elite A/S Challenger (Glasgow program, set 1)'. - fmtowns: Updated twenty entries to current CHD format for aircmb2s, beast2, dangel, dorbestj, dorse93, fbas1120, gforce2, hyprocea, oasyswin, psydet1, psydet2, psydet3, psydet4, psydetf1, psydetf2, pulirula, simant, townsmg1, tss2110a, win31l11 in fmtowns_cd.xml. Replaced msdos62 disk images with images from the master CD in fmtowns_flop.xml. Added all known serial numbers for entries in fmtowns_cd.xml [r09]. Switched to dumps with proper track indexes and offset correction for 29 entries adtennis, alice, asu120ex, awesome, classrod, fractal, fsc10, fsc11, fsc6, fsc7, fsc9, fsc9, fwc2, fwc3, hypraddro, infest, links386, loom, oshacoo2, psydet5, sangoku3, softcon2, sotsu93, sshangh, takamiza, tdf, townsmg2, tss1130, viewpoin in fmtowns_cd.xml [redump.org, r09]. - fscc12: Changed description to 'Sensory Chess Challenger "12"'. - fscc12b: Changed description to 'Sensory Chess Challenger "12 B"'. - fscc6: Changed description to 'Sensory Chess Challenger "6"'. - fscc8: Changed description to 'Sensory Chess Challenger "8"'. - fscc9: Changed description to 'Sensory Chess Challenger "9" (rev. D)'. - fscc9b: Changed description to 'Sensory Chess Challenger "9" (rev. B)'. - fscc9c: Changed description to 'Sensory Chess Challenger "9" (rev. C)'. - gckong: Machine promoted to working [hap]. - guitarss: Changed description to 'Guitar Super Star ('Fender Stratocaster' style)'. - i386, i8087: Handle aliases for fstp st(i) instruction [Carl]. - ibm5170: Marked disk images with WinImage as bad dumps in ibm5170.xml [telanus]. - ibmpcjr: Added disk images to lotus123 added usage instructions in a comment in ibmpcjr_cart.xml [Robbbert]. - jak_duck: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Merge Interactive'. - jak_prft: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Santa Cruz Games'. - jak_swc: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Merge Interactive'. - jak_ths: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Super Happy Fun Fun'. - jak_tink: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Santa Cruz Games'. - jak_tsm: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Schell Games'. - jak_wdbg: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Super Happy Fun Fun'. - jak_wdzh: Changed manufacturer to 'JAKKS Pacific Inc / Merge Interactive'. - kc85_2, kc85_3, kc85_4, kc85_5, kccomp: Changed manufacturer to 'VEB Mikroelektronik "Wilhelm Pieck" Muehlhausen'. - leonardo: Changed description to 'Kasparov Leonardo (set 1)'. - m68000: Corrected 68010 DBcc timings [AJR]. - m68hc705c8a: Added support for MC68HC705C8A memory configuration, and made 68HC05 NCOP reset check that NCOP is enabled [Dirk Best]. - mb87419_mb87420: Changed description to 'Roland MB87419/MB87420 PCM'. - megadriv: Fixed transliteration of the Japanese Streets of Rage titles in megadriv.xml [xinyingho]. - microvsn: Machine promoted to working [hap]. - monkeysee: Changed manufacturer to 'Tandy Corporation'. - mos6551: Clear interrupt request output on reset [AJR]. - n64: Added cartridge PCB documentation for 10 entries in n64.xml [FakeShemp]. - pasogo: Corrected cartridge ROM hashes in pasogo.xml [Robbbert] - pasopia: Added Toshiba Pasopia PAC2 slot, with RAM, Kanji ROM and expander options [AJR]. - s_dsp: Changed description to 'Nintendo/Sony S-DSP'. - s2650: Made interrupt acknowledge handler supply vector, and eliminated set_input_line_and_vector and HOLD_LINE [O. Galibert]. - sc2, sc2a, sc80: Changed manufacturer to 'VEB Funkwerk Erfurt'. - snes: Bugfix#07603: [Documentation] (snes.cpp) snes [asterix]: Incorrect release year [ArcadeShadow]. - snes_sscope: Changed description to 'Nintendo SNES / SFC SuperScope'. - sudelan3: Changed description and manufacturer to 'Ultimate Sudoku TV Edition 3-in-1 (All in 1 / Senario)' and 'All in 1 Products Ltd / Senario'. - super9cc: Changed description to 'Super "9" Sensory Chess Challenger'. - tandy12, tbaskb, tcfball, tcfballa: Changed manufacturer to 'Tandy Corporation'. - ttl74161: Fixed state transitions for some corner cases and made terminal count output asynchronous [Michael Zapf]. - abc1600.cpp: Refactored to use modern Z8530 SCC device, and fixed floppy DMA [Curt Coder]. - abc80x.cpp: Fixed abc802 M1 opcode fetch. Fixed memory banking for abc800c, abc800m and abc802. Fixed HR graphics for abc800c and abc800m [Curt Coder]. - advision.cpp: Fixed some bugs exposed by the Code Red demo [Robbbert]. - apple2.cpp: Fixed apple2gs fill mode behavior when no previous color is set [R. Belmont]. Fixed DHGR shift - NTSC artifact colors now work with HLSL (GitHub #6308) [Colin Howell, R. Belmont]. - apple2gs.cpp: Fix missing 128KiB RAM - ramsize option now configures fast RAM size (GitHub #6465) [gorlik, R. Belmont]. - at.cpp: Added neat BIOS option to n286. Added quadtel BIOS option to ht12a. Added d674v320r304 and d620 BIOS options to pcd4x [rfka01]. - atarist.cpp: Corrected DMA sound frequency calculation [cam900]. Fixed the 68K side of ACIA serial communications (keyboard microcontroller is not fully cooperating yet) [AJR]. - c64.cpp: Worked around error messages for unsupported cartridge types in c64_cart.xml [AJR]. - europc.cpp: Added v1.04 BIOS option to euroxt [rfka01]. Fixed disk error, and replaced real-time clock implementation in driver with M3002 device [AJR]. - fidel_elite.cpp: Remove (fepriv), roms identical to eas glasgow [hap]. - nes_vt.cpp: Started moving SoC functionality out of the driver to devices [David Haywood]. - news_r3k.cpp: Implemented graphics [Patrick Mackinlay] - olivpc1.cpp: Added rev106 and rev107 BIOS options to olivpc1 and expanded notes [rfka01]. - pasopia.cpp: Added RS-232 serial interface. Replaced fixed expansions with PAC2 slots [AJR]. - pasopia7.cpp: Use CRT controller to help draw screen [AJR]. - snes.cpp: Split S-SMP and S-DSP emulation into separate devices, and cleaned up interfaces [cam900]. - sorcerer.cpp: Added ESAG 1.3/B BIOS to sorcererd [exidyboy]. - sunplus_unsp20soc.cpp: Re-dumped jak_hmhsm, and added Flash chip pinout [Sean Riddle]. - Renamed (c8095) to (c8095_90), (rolandpcm) to (mb87419_mb87420), (snes_sound) to (s_dsp) and (sudoelan) to (sudelan3). - Added 54/74160 Decade Counter, 54/74161 Binary Counter, 54/74162 Decade Counter, 54/74163 Binary Counter, Benchmarq BQ4842 RTC, Benchmarq BQ4847 RTC, Benchmarq BQ4852 RTC, Buffered SRAM, EM M 3000 Real Time Clock, EM M 3002 Real Time Clock, Hitachi HD6415108 (H8/510), Hitachi HD6435208 (H8/520), Hitachi HD6435328 (H8/532), Hitachi HD6805S1, Hughes HLCD 0488 LCD Driver, Intel N8097BH, Intel P8798, Intersil/Renesas ICM7170 Real Time Clock, NEC uPD7001 A/D Converter, NEC uPD72067 FDC, NEC uPD7811, NEC uPD78C10, Neo Geo Metal Slug 5 Bootleg Cart, Nintendo/Sony S-SMP, Octal Registered Transceiver, PA7234 Pasopia PAC2 Expansion Unit, PA7243 Pasopia RAM PAC2 (16KB), PA7245 Pasopia RAM PAC2 (32KB), PA7246 Pasopia Kanji ROM PAC2, PA7248 Pasopia RAM PAC2 (64KB), Pasopia PAC2 Slot, PGRAM(+) memory card, Philips PCF2100 LCD Driver, Philips PCF2110 LCD Driver, Philips PCF2111 LCD Driver, Philips PCF2112 LCD Driver, Roland MB62H195 I/O, Sony 0266 DMA Controller, Sony CXD1185 SCSI 1 Protocol Controller, Sony DMA Controller 0448, Sony NEWS Keyboard and Mouse (HLE), VTxx series System on a Chip (NTSC), VTxx series System on a Chip (PAL), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 4KByte RAM), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 4KByte RAM) (BT), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 4KByte RAM) (CY), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 4KByte RAM) (FP) (NTSC), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 4KByte RAM) (FP) (PAL), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 4KByte RAM) (HH), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 8KByte RAM) (DG), VTxx series System on a Chip (with 8KByte RAM) (FA) and VTxx series System on a Chip (with simple Opcode scrambling) devices. Yamaha YM2414 OPZ - algestam and Ryan Holtz added Nintendo Game & Watch: Snoopy (Panorama Screen) system. - bitsavers and Patrick Mackinlay added Sony NWS-1580 system. - Carl and rfka01 added Olivetti Prodest PC 1 system. - David Haywood added LeapFrog Didj system. - David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Peter Wilhelmsen and anonymous added Senario Guitar Super Star: You Take The Stage system. - DBWBP added Roland JV-880 Multi Timbral Synthesizer Module, Roland MC-300 Micro Composer, Roland MC-50 Micro Composer, Roland MC-50mkII Micro Composer, Roland MKS-100 Digital Sampler, Roland RA-30 Realtime Arranger, Roland S-10 Digital Sampling Keyboard, Roland S-220 Digital Sampler, Roland S-50 Digital Sampling Keyboard, Roland S-550 Digital Sampler, Roland SoundCanvas SC-88VL, Roland U-20 RS-PCM Keyboard, Roland U-220 RS-PCM Sound Module, Roland W-30 Music Workstation and Yamaha TX81Z FM Tone Generator systems. - F. Ulivi added HP 86B Opt 001 and HP 86B Opt 004 systems. - hap added Entex Select-A-Game Machine, Entex Super Space Invader 2 (Entex, black version) and Fidelity Electronics Elite A/S Challenger (Glasgow program, set 2) systems. - hap and bataais added Conic Computer Chess (Conic, model 7012) and SciSys Sensor Chess systems. - hap and Berger added GiG Electronics Leonardo (GiG Electronics), Saitek Kasparov Galileo, Saitek Kasparov Renaissance (set 1), Saitek Kasparov Renaissance (set 2) and SciSys Kasparov Leonardo (set 2) systems. - hap and Kevin Horton added Tandy Corporation Sound Effects Chassis system. - hap and Sean Riddle added CXG Systems / Newcrest Technology Portachess (1985 version), CXG Systems / White & Allcock Sensor Computachess, Electroplay Quickfire, Fidelity Electronics Bridge Challenger, Parker Brothers Electronic Master Mind (Parker Brothers) and SciSys Executive Chess systems. - Plamen Mihaylov added Sony NWS-3260 system. - rfka01 added NCR Class 3433, Samsung Deskmaster 286-12, Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG Euro AT, Siemens PG 750, Siemens PG-750 486 EISA and Zenith Data Systems Z-248 systems. - Sean Riddle and Clawgrip added VTech TV Station (VTech, Spain) system. - Sean Riddle and David Haywood added All in 1 Products Ltd / Play Vision Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Plug & Play TV Game (All in 1 / Play Vision), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Child Guidance / Pronto Games Thomas & Friends - Learning Circus Express (Sharp Cookie) (PAL, UK), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Namco / HotGen Ltd Ms. Pac-Man 7-in-1 (Wireless) (Ms. Pac-Man, Pole Position, Galaga, Xevious, Mappy, New Rally X, Bosconian) (18 AUG 2004 A) and Ltd. Dance 2000 / Hot 2000 (Jin Bao TV Dancing Carpet, SY-2000-04), Shenzhen Soyin Electric Appliance Ind. Co. systems. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood and Kev (FBN) added JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd Sing Scene Pop (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) system. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Peter Wilhelmsen and anonymous added JAKKS Pacific Inc / Handheld Games Ultimotion - Disney Fairies Sleeping Beauty & TinkerBell (JAKKS Pacific TV Game), JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd Hannah Montana G2 Deluxe / High School Musical G2 Deluxe 2-in-1 (JAKKS Pacific TV Game), Senario Double Dance Mania - Techno Light Edition and Senario Guitar Super Star (red 'Gibson Flying V' style) systems. Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Peter Wilhelmsen, gamehistory.org and anonymous added Bandai Go! Go! Connie-chan! Asobou Mouse system. - Sean Riddle and Kamaal Brown added Tech2Go / WayForward Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Battle for the City system. - TeamEurope added Lexibook Spider-Man Super TV Air Jet (Lexibook Junior, JG6000SP) system. - TeamEurope and David Haywood added Denver Denver (GMP-270CMK2) (Family Sport 200-in-1) system. - AJR added roland_jv80.cpp, roland_mc50.cpp, roland_ra30.cpp, roland_s10.cpp, roland_s50.cpp, roland_sc88.cpp, roland_u20.cpp and ymtx81z.cpp drivers. - Carl and rfka01 added olivpc1.cpp driver. - David Haywood added magiceyes_pollux_vr3520f.cpp driver. - hap added conic_cchess2.cpp, cxg_scptchess.cpp, sag.cpp, saitek_exchess.cpp, saitek_leonardo.cpp, saitek_renaissance.cpp and saitek_schess.cpp drivers. - Patrick Mackinlay added news_68k.cpp and news_r3k.cpp drivers. - Ryan Holtz and David Haywood added spg2xx_jakks_sharp.cpp driver. - Sandro Ronco added mephisto_mondial.cpp driver.

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