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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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download messinfo.dat

New in MESSInfo:
0.245: ====== - abc1600: Added FPU PAL dump and PAL titles from Luxor source code [Dataindustrier AB DIAB Intressegrupp, Curt Coder]. - am9519: Interrupt requests are latched [Patrick Mackinlay]. - apple2: Support for the Excel-9 6809 card, which runs Flex09 [Rob Justice, R. Belmont]. - archimedes_keyboard: Also kick upstairs in devices/machine [Olivier Galibert]. - at: Kick upstairs too [Olivier Galibert]. - at28c64b: Remove unnecessary debug logging [R. Belmont]. - bbcm: Reset cartridges on Break [Nigel Barnes]. - cfp1080s: Separate source file for MCU; add numerous logging stubs [AJR]. - clcd: Added Power button to Commodore LCD, if you hibernate before exiting MAME then you can continue where you left off. Fixed Commodore LCD loading from 1541/1571, loading and saving to 1581 [smf]. - cpc6128: Add IPF floppy format used by a few software list entries [AJR]. - cpc664: Add IPF floppy format used by a few software list entries [AJR]. - dp83932c: Implemented big Endian mode and transmission packet appending [Brice Onken]. - ef9340_1: Readd prefix to function names [hap]. - 62558: Latch start address [cracyc]. - electron: Added the ElkSD64 and ElkSD128 Electron SD interfaces [Nigel Barnes]. - europc: Low-level emulation of built-in keyboard [AJR]. - europc2: Low-level emulation of built-in keyboard [AJR]. - fex68k: Increase board delay a bit [hap]. - fmscsi: Kick upstairs in devices/machine [Olivier Galibert]. - geneve: Fixed crash on empty queue access and network instabilities [Michael Zapf]. - genmod: Add option to decode high address lines for DDCC-1 so that it can be used with Genmod [Michael Zapf]. - hd6120: Have disassembler comment on instructions using memory reference instructions using current page mode in page zero [AJR]. - hp9122c: Added default MFM floppy image formats. This allows HP 9000/3xx machines to actually use floppy images from the software list [r09]. - ibm5170: Fixed a couple of typos in software part names in 'ibm5170.xml' [kmg]. - m6809: Add support for stepping out [AJR]. - maciivi: Properly draw all supported video modes from 1 to 16 bpp [R. Belmont]. - macqd700: Add save state support [R. Belmont]. - megadriv: Cleaned up metadata in 'megadriv.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. Cleaned up compatibility flags, fixed some load commands, and fixed a couple of issues in 'megadriv.xml' [Angelo Salese]. - nb_m2hr: Changed description to 'Apple Macintosh II High Resolution Video Card'. - nb_m2vc: Changed description to 'Apple Macintosh II Video Card'. - nubus: Tidy up more loose ends with the Macintosh Display Cards. Implemented VRAM size selection. Added readback for most registers that are implemented. Made CRTC calculations more sensible. Added version strings from ROMs to device descriptions. Improved logging and made it more configurable. Started identifying JMFB registers required for supporting interlaced modes [Vas Crabb]. - patinho: Decouple CPU from driver [Olivier Galibert]. - pc_kbdc: Add emulation of Cherry G80-1500 keyboard, minus smartcard reader [AJR]. - pcega: BugFIX#08317�[Graphics]�(ibmpc.cpp)�pcega�[arknoid2 and clones]: Screen flickers and doesn't refresh properly (1f5ab99) [crazyc]. - r4000: Partially implemented secondary cache tag manipulation [Brice Onken]. - rc2014: Enable user to start from empty backplane configuration [Miodrag Milanovic]. - saa7191: Move to devices/machine too [Olivier Galibert]. - specpls3: Add IPF floppy format used by a few software list entries [AJR]. - spi_sdhccard, spi_sdv2card: Fixed CMD24 - WRITE_BLOCK [Nigel Barnes]. - t6963c: Fix display when the screen size is not a multiple of the number of columns [BALATON Zoltan]. - tim011: Hookup serial keyboard [Miodrag Milanovic]. - upd7220: Reset pattern after figd [cracyc]. - upd78053, upd78210, upd78213: Replace BYTE_XOR_LE with new casting helper [AJR]. - x37: Dataindustrier AB Intressegrupp and Curt Coder added Luxor X37 (prototype) system. - z80dma: Ensure DMA is stopped after most commands [Patrick Mackinlay]. - a2600.cpp: Cleaned up metadata in 'a2600.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - at.cpp: Added pccm205 v2.23 BIOS option [TwistedTom]. - atarist.cpp: Re-add mode 1 shifter kludge for PAL mode only [AJR]. - cdi.cpp: Updated digests for TOSEC discs to latest CHD format in 'cdi.xml' [danifunker]. - clcd.cpp: Added IEC bus connections. Use 1 MHz for system clock [Mike Naberezny]. - compc.cpp: Modernize keyboard interface (eliminates occasional "stuck key" error in compc1); eliminate runtime port tag lookup [AJR]. - elwro800.cpp: Fixed crash on screen update [holub]. - hp2640.cpp: Fixed some uninitialised memory accesses [Vas Crabb]. - jaguar.cpp: Cleaned up metadata in 'jaguar.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - mac.cpp: Changed default video card to Display Card 8*24 [Vas Crabb]. Fix save states for all Mac II and LC series models [R. Belmont]. - mephisto_mm2.cpp: Be more consistent with unknown romlabels. Swap oldest 2 sets [hap]. - psx.cpp: Cleaned up metadata in 'psx.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - segapico.cpp: Connected sound interrupt [ValleyBell]. - sms.cpp: Cleaned up metadata in 'sms.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - spec128.cpp: Fixed crash in clones that don�t inherit memory layout [holub]. Moved the Spectrum 128 state class declaration to the corresponding header [Vas Crabb]. - specpls3.cpp: Enabled floppy drive sound [holub]. - spectrum.cpp: BugFIX#08265�[Graphics]�(spectrum.cpp)�spectrum�and clones [aquaplan and clones]: Horizon line broken by the screen border [holub]. Added author information in info elements for a few items in 'spectrum_cass.xml' [ICEknight]. Fixed partial screen updates at the end of frame [holub]. Removed a member from the base state class that's only used by certain Soviet clones. There seems to be some copy/pasted code in the clone drivers - pehaps they can share some of the implementation [Vas Crabb]. - sun2.cpp: Use swapendian_int16 [AJR]. - tx0.cpp: Update OPR disassembly for older versions; add notes [AJR]. - Renamed (europc_keyb) to (europc_kbd), (nb_48gc) to (nb_mdc48) and (nb_824gc) to (nb_mdc824). - Added Acorn AKD52 Hard Disc Podule, BBC Micro SD Card, BBC Micro Turbo SD Card, Cherry G80-1500 Multi-Function Keyboard, Computerware Hard Disk Podule, ElkSD128 Electron SD Interface, ElkSD64 Electron SD Interface, ElkSD-Plus 1 Electron SD Cartridge, Labtam 3232, Labtam 8086 VDU COMM, Labtam Z80 SBC,Master Extra User Port, MasterSD BBC Master SD Cartridge, Morley Electronics Hard Disc Podule, SC106 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), SC107 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), SC111 Z180 CPU module, SC113 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), SC119 Z180 Memory module, SC141 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), SC147 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), Seikou Excel-9, SiS 5513 IDE Controller, SiS 630 GUI, SiS 630 Host-to-PCI Bridge, SiS 630 SVGA, SiS 630 Virtual PCI-to-PCI bridge, SiS 7001 USB Host Controller, SiS 7018 Audio AC97, SiS 900 Fast Ethernet Adapter, SiS 950 LPC Super-South Bridge, SiS950 SMBus interface, Watford Electronics Archimedes Hard Disk Podule, Z180 ASCI Channel 0, Z180 ASCI Channel 1, Z180 ASCI Extended Channel 0 and Z180 ASCI Extended Channel 1 devices. - algestam, Milan Galcik added bootleg (Elektronika) Circus (Elektronika) system. - Angelo Salese, archive.org added Shuttle MS11 PC system. - anonymous added Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Monte Carlo IV system. - BALATON Zoltan added Yamaha QY70 Music Sequencer system. - Berger added Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (set 6) system. - Bitsavers added Tektronix 4319 Graphics Workstation system. - Dataindustrier AB Intressegrupp, Curt Coder added Luxor X37 (prototype) system. - hap, Sean Riddle added Entex Musical Marvin system. - Miodrag Milanovi? added Micromint SB180, RFC2795 Ltd RC2014 Micro, Stephen C Cousins SC105 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), Stephen C Cousins SC112 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), Stephen C Cousins SC116 - Modular Backplane (RC2014), Stephen C Cousins SC133 - Modular Backplane (RC2014) and Stephen C Cousins SC203 - Modular Z180 Computer systems. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Peter Wilhelmsen, Kamaal Brown added Radica/Takara/SSD Company LTD Play TV Jr. Construction system. - Val Polyakh added Video Technology PreComputer Unlimited (USA/Canada) system. - Xolod added Labtam International 3006 system. - Aaron Giles added ldplayer.cpp driver. - AJR added tek43xx.cpp driver. - Angelo Salese, R. Belmont added sis630.cpp driver. - BALATON Zoltan added ymqy70.cpp driver. - Curt Coder added ds90.cpp driver. - Miodrag Milanovic added sb180.cpp driver. - Olivier Galibert added wavesynth.cpp driver. - Patrick Mackinlay added labtam.cpp driver.




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