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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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New in MESSInfo:
0.251: ====== - a7800: Use proper bank order for Activision 128K cartridges [kmg]. - adc0808: One logerror was missing \n [hap]. - apple1.cpp: Use title case for publisher names in 'apple1.xml' [einstein95]. - apple2.cpp: Use title case for publisher names in 'apple2_flop_orig.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - apple2: Bugfix#07974 [Crash/Freeze] (apple/apple2.cpp) apple2: Out-of-bounds memory accesses when playing floppy drive sound samples [hap]. - apple2gs.cpp: Fixed compile [Ivan Vangelista]. Revert testing change that slipped into the previous commmit. Use the macrtc device for clock and battery RAM, which has more complete functionality [R. Belmont]. - atari400.cpp: Use unabbreviated country names and lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions in 'a800.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - ay8910: Add machine().describe_context() to some logerror [hap]. - cd90_015: Changed description to 'Thomson CD 90-015 floppy drive controller'. Correct floppy drive type and name. Further customization of floppy drive [AJR]. - cd90_351: Changed description to 'Thomson CD 90-351 Diskette Controller'. - cd90_640: Changed description to 'Thomson CD 90-640 floppy drive controller'. - cdi.cpp: Replaced country name abbreviations in descriptions with full names in 'cdi.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - coco: Bugfix#08416 [Misc.] (trs/coco12.cpp) coco: Real-time clock should be a slot option for FDC cards [Tim Lindner]. Cleaned up code a little [Tim Lindner]. - coco12.cpp, coco3.cpp: Moved real-time clocks to slot cards where they belong (addresses MT08416) [Tim Lindner]. - coco2: Bugfix#08416 [Misc.] (trs/coco12.cpp) coco2: Real-time clock should be a slot option for FDC cards [Tim Lindner]. - coco2b: Bugfix#08416 [Misc.] (trs/coco12.cpp) coco2b: Real-time clock should be a slot option for FDC cards [Tim Lindner]. - coco3: Bugfix#08416 [Misc.] (trs/coco12.cpp) coco3: Real-time clock should be a slot option for FDC cards [Tim Lindner]. - cocopakram: Changed description to 'Disto RAM Cartridge'. - cq90_028: Changed description to 'Thomson CQ 90-028 QDD controller'. - dgnalpha.cpp: Got rid of weird class split between files [Vas Crabb]. - digiblast.cpp: Use lowercase for things that aren’t proper nouns in software list description in 'digiblast_cart.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - dragon.cpp: Got rid of weird class split between files [Vas Crabb]. - dx100: Machine promoted to working [Pietro Gagliardi]. - einstein.cpp: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions in 'einstein.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - famicom: Bugfix#08443 [Misc.] (nintendo/nes.cpp) famicom: Most software using “hvc_basic” cartridges fails to start [AJR]. - fsa1fx: Bugfix#08466 [Graphics] (msx/msx.cpp) fsa1fx [spmanbow]: Background does not scroll smoothly [Wilbert Pol]. - gamecom.cpp: Improved audio emulation (still very innacurate) [FateForWindows]. - hd647180x: Fix typo on port E read [hap]. - hp80.cpp: Fixed keyboard issues with hp86b_001 and hp86b_004 systems [F. Ulivi]. - ibmpc.cpp: Retested software marked as partially supported or unsupported in 'ibm5150.xml' [Angelo Salese]. - knfl: Changed description to 'NFL Football (Konami, handheld)'. - m6809: Improved emulation to TFR and EXG instructions [Tim Lindner]. Rename *.ops to *.lst [hap]. - macpwrbk030.cpp: Fixed CPU/MCU comms and improved video [R. Belmont]. - mc68328: Changed description to 'MC68328 DragonBall Processor'. Improved LCD controller emulation and cleaned up code [Ryan Holtz]. - mdconsole.cpp: Further broke up base Mega Drive class. Created a light-weight base class with just the core functionality, used for "Genie" hardware (Puckman Pockimon). Moved built-in controller emulation to a derived class so it isn't lurking underneath the consoles with pluggable controllers. Moved the Sun Mixing Mega Drive bootlegs to their own source file - they're substantially different, not using the I/O blocks for input [Vas Crabb]. - mdcr: Changed description to 'Philips Mini-DCR'. Moved philips/p2000t_mdcr.cpp->machine/mdcr.cpp to allow use with other machines [Nigel Barnes]. - msx1.cpp: Don’t unnecessarily copy software memory region contents. Improved metadata and removed disk conversions in 'msx1_flop.xml' [Wilbert Pol]. Cleaned up descriptions in 'msx1_cart.xml', 'msx1_cass.xml' and 'msx1_flop.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. Fix leading space in rom name label for dogfights in 'msx1_cass.xml' [Scott Stone]. - msx2.cpp: Cleaned up descriptions in 'msx2_cart.xml', 'msx2_cass.xml', 'msx2_flop.xml' and 'msx2p_flop.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - mt6809: Machine promoted to working [Nigel Barnes]. - mtx_cfx: Replace HDD with Compact Flash device [Nigel Barnes]. - mz2500: Correct FDC type; add various XTAL clock sources. Correct PIT clocking; use MSX-style port for joysticks [AJR]. - mz800: Separate from mz700 state class; use MSX-style joystick ports [AJR]. - neogeo.cpp: Bugfix#08292 [Misc.] (neogeo/neogeo.cpp) ALL: BIOS settings selected when launching systems persist between sessions [AJR]. - nes: Bugfix#05996 [Sound] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [summer92]: Drum sounds plays incorrectly [hap]. Bugfix#06186 [Sound] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [portopia]: No sound in Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken [kmg]. Bugfix#07625 [Crash/Freeze] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [dquest and doordoor]: Games stop responding due to unimplemented interrupts [kmg]. Bugfix#07658 [Sound] (nintendo/nes.cpp) nes [ajyureir]: No sound is played. Fixed reported ROM speed when logging cartridge header [TwistedTom]. Use proper bank order for Activision 128K cartridges [kmg]. - palm.cpp: Improved LCD controller emulation and cleaned up code. Improved Palm IIIc support; added MC68EZ328 variant. Split Palm LCD controller into a separate device, promoted Palm m100 to working [Ryan Holtz]. - palmiiic: Machine promoted to working [Ryan Holtz]. - palmm100: Machine promoted to working [Ryan Holtz]. - pc6001.cpp: Fix joystick multiplexing; add port outputs and HSYNC and VSYNC readback. Correct YM2203 clock [AJR]. - pc80s31k: Make pc88va2_fd_if a subdevice of pc80s31k [Angelo Salese]. - pc8801.cpp: Default DE-9 with joystick since way more common [Angelo Salese]. - pc8801: Bugfix#07199 [Media Support] (nec/pc8801.cpp) pc8801 [dkong3dg]: Donkey Kong 3 - Dai Gyakushuu does not boot [Carl]. - pc8801fa, pc8801ma, pc8801ma2, pc8801mh, pc8801mk2fr, pc8801mk2mr, pc8801mk2sr: Machine promoted to working [Angelo Salese, O. Galibert, Carl]. - pc88va.cpp: Default DE-9 with joystick since way more common. Run irq7 thru the same 0 -> 1 logic as the other irqs, makes system to be more stable during SW intros. Improved emulation, allowing most software to boot on the PC-88VA2 [Angelo Salese]. - pc9801_86: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions in 'pc98.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - pce.cpp: Use unabbreviated country names in descriptions in 'pcecd.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - pic8259: Treat slave IRQs as level-triggered even when LTIM = 0 [AJR]. - roc10937: Corrected duty cycle on reset [James Wallace]. - rp2a03: Don't read from unmapped apu regs [hap]. - rtc3430042: Changed description to 'Apple 343-0042-B clock/PRAM'. - rz1.cpp: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions in 'rz1_cass.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - sega_beena.cpp: Use lowercase for things that aren’t proper nouns in software list description in 'sega_beena_cart.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - sg1000.cpp: Made SG-1000 player 1 controller fixed, and fixed crash on starting Othello Multivision consoles [kmg]. Converted Othello Multivision FG-2000 second controller to 9-pin port, and restructured code for fewer optional object finders. Slotified controller ports. Replaced built-in controllers with Sega controller ports for SC-3000 and SG-1000. Fixed inappropriate default assignment of SG-1000 pause button to P key, conflicting with the default emulator pause assignment. Got rid of half a player 2 D-pad that was somehow polluting the Othello Multivision FG-2000. Hooked up SF-7000 Centronics busy line to previously unused function [Vas Crabb]. - sms.cpp: Refactored Game Gear handling. Untangled SG-1000 Mark III slightly [Vas Crabb]. - sms_control_port: Changed description to 'Sega 9-pin I/O port'. - sms_graphic: Changed description to 'Sega Master System Graphic Board'. - sms_joypad: Changed description to 'Sega Master System Control Pad'. - sms_light_phaser: Changed description to 'Sega Master System Light Phaser'. - sms_multitap: Changed description to 'Furrtek Sega Master System Multitap'. - sms_paddle: Changed description to 'Sega Mark III Paddle (Japan)'. - sms_rapid_fire: Changed description to 'Sega Master System Rapid Fire Unit'. - sms_sports_pad_jp: Changed description to 'Sega Mark III Sports Pad (Japan)'. - spectrum.cpp: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions in 'spectrum_cart.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - spg2xx_tvgogo.cpp: Replaced country name abbreviations in descriptions with full names in 'tvgogo.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - storio.cpp: Use lowercase for things that aren’t proper nouns in software list description in 'vtech_storio_cart.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - tanbus_ra32kram: Changed description to 'Ralph Allen 32K EPROM-RAM Card (RAM)'. - thomson.cpp: Fix floppy image interfaces (assuming that all larger images are 3.5" for now) in 'to_flop.xml'. Extension bus cleanup. Make CC 90-232 serial/parallel interface an extension device. Eliminate spurious custom Centronics interface from MO5NR (CC 90-232 is used with this model instead). Make RF 57-932 serial interface an extension device. Make MD 90-120 modem interface an extension device (emulation still needs work). Make Midipak an extension device and completely rewrite emulation. Make MEA8000-based speech interface an extension device. Configure 1 MHz E clock for extension bus. Add FIRQ & IRQ outputs from extension bus. Expand extension I/O address range from $x7D0-$x7DF to $x7C0-$x7FF. Clean up various bits of driver code [AJR]. - upd3301: Skip lines also skip strips, fix sorcer (pc8801) text layer not syncing drawing [Angelo Salese]. - upd765a, upd765b: Don’t raise data interrupt on abnormal command termination [Angelo Salese]. Revert data_completion change and clear data_irq in fifo_r/w. Also disable clearing data_irq in msr_r. Clear wc if the found sector has the correct cyl in the address field [cracyc]. - upd934g: Use device_rom_interface rather than a read callback for external memory [Devin Acker]. - v9938: Implemented V9958 registers 26 and 27 for graphic23 and graphic4 modes (fixes MT08466) [Wilbert Pol]. - vector3.cpp: Renamed Vector 4 to Vector 3, and fixed some incorrect Vector 4 machine configuration [Eric Anderson]. - vector3: Changed description to 'Vector 3' [Eric Anderson]. - vsmile.cpp: Added machine configuration switches, allowing access to BIOS test mode [KanedaFr]. - vsmileb.cpp: Added regional titles for undumped Teletubbies game in 'vsmileb_cart.xml' [ClawGrip]. - xavix.cpp: Added the final known un-dumped A series cartridge in 'ekara_japan_a.xml'. Also added "Mermaid Melody" to titles for first three cartridges as it's on the title screen and cartridge label in gold text (it may be there for the others as well, but I haven't checked) [Vas Crabb]. - ymdx100.cpp: Implemented most of the Yamaha DX100 emulation [Pietro Gagliardi]. - ymdx9.cpp: Resolved issues with incoming MIDI [Anthony]. - Renamed (tanbus_ra32k) to (tanbus_ra32kram), (vector4) to (vector3) and (vector4.cpp) to (vector3.cpp). - AJR added Cedic-Nathan Speech Synthesizer, Logimus Midipak, Thomson CC 90-232 Communication Interface, Thomson MD 90-120 Modem, Thomson RF 57-932 RS-232-C Interface device and Thomson UD 90-070 5.25" single-sided disk drive devices. - Angelo Salese added NEC PC88VA Super Graphic Processor and NEC PC-88VA2 floppy disk interface "PWD-516 72405162" devices. - Dirk Best added AD7520 DAC device. - F. Ulivi added HP9871 printer device. - MooglyGuy added Epson SED1375 device. - Nigel Barnes added Acorn A500 SCSI Interface, Acorn AEH50 Ethernet II, Acorn AEH54 10Base2 Ethernet Podule, Acorn AKA31 SCSI Expansion Card, Acorn AKA32 CDFS & SCSI Expansion Card, Acornsoft Trilogy Emulator, ANT Ethernet 10base2 mini-podule, Cumana 16bit SCSI Interface, ETI Space Invasion Key Unit, Lingenuity SCSI Podule, MasterSD R2 BBC Master SD Cartridge, Microtan ETI Real Time Clock, Microtan ETI Sound Card, Microtan Keyboard (MT009), Microtan Keyboard Interface, Microtan Keypad (MT006), Microtanic Real Time Clock, Morley Electronics 16bit Cached SCSI card, Oak Solutions 16 bit SCSI Interface, Ralph Allen 32K EPROM-RAM Card (RALBUG), Sprow 24bBC/RAM Disc Board, Sprow 2nd Serial Port, TUG Combo Card (2716), TUG Combo Card (2732), TUG Combo Card (6116), TUG EPROM Storage Card (2716) and TUG EPROM Storage Card (2732) devices. - R. Belmont added Apple 343-0040 clock/PRAM device. - Ryan Holtz added MC68328-compatible LCD Controller and MC68EZ328 DragonBall-EZ Processor devices. - Tim Lindner added Disto Mini Expansion Bus, Disto Real Time Clock Card, Disto Super Controller II (CoCo 1/2 ROM) and Disto Super Controller II (CoCo 3 ROM) devices. - Vas Crabb added Dempa Micom Soft Analog Controller (XE-1AP, Sega), Dempa Micom Soft Analog/Digital Intelligent Controller, Konami Hyper Shot (JE 502/JE 503, Sega), Mega Drive RS-232 Adapter, Micom Soft XHE-3 PC Joystick Adapter for PC Engine, NEC PC Engine Mouse, raphnet DIY SMS/Mark III Paddle Controller, Sega Game Gear I/O Port Controller, Sega Mega Drive 4-Player Adaptor, Sega Mega Drive Control Pad, Sega Mega Drive I/O Port Controller, Sega Mega Drive Mouse (World), Sega Mega Drive Six Button Control Pad and Sega Mega Mouse (US) devices. - Wilbert Pol added Bee Card ROM, Dempa Micom Soft Analog Controller (XE-1AP, PC), Electric Softward Astron SoftCard Adaptor, Hudson Soft BP-0001 Bee Pack card reader, Konami Hyper Shot (JE 502/JE 503, MSX), SoftCard ROM and X68000 Sega Controller Adapter devices. - Dirk Best, natarii, Crypto Museum added Institut für Kosmosforschung Gerät 32620 (Sprach/Morsegenerator) system. - F. Ulivi added Hewlett-Packard HP 9825A and Hewlett-Packard HP 9831A systems. - hap, Sean Riddle, Mr. Do added Konami (licensed from Electronic Arts) Skate or Die (Konami, handheld) and Konami Bill Elliott's NASCAR Racing (handheld) systems. - Ian Lockhart, Nigel Barnes added Transam Triton L4.1, Transam Triton L5.1, Transam Triton L5.2 and Transam Triton L7.2 systems. - Nigel Barnes added Multitech Micro-Professor I/88 and Science of Cambridge MK-14 VDU systems. - Nigel Barnes and Sprow added Sprow MiniB Computer system. - Sean Riddle added Takara / SSD Company LTD Gun Gun Adventure (Japan) system. - Tim Lindner added Tandy Radio Shack Deluxe Color Computer system. - TwistedTom added Yamaha PSS-780 system. - natarii, Dirk Best added sprachmg.cpp driver. - Nigel Barnes added minib.cpp, mpf1_88.cpp and triton.cpp drivers.




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