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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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New in MESSInfo:
0.249: ====== - a2600.cpp: Eliminate legacy tag macros [AJR]. - a400: Adopt and adapt VCS slot device for controller inputs on non-5200 systems [AJR]. - a5200: BugFIX#05698 [Gameplay] (atari/atari400.cpp) a5200 [pitalll, pitfall2]: Incorrect graphics near top of screen [Angelo Salese]. - a800: Improved cartridge support, and updated notes and supported status in 'a800.xml' and 'a800_flop.xml'. Adopt and adapt VCS slot device for controller inputs on non-5200 systems [AJR]. Fix interface naming in 'hash/a800_cass.xml' [Angelo Salese]. - a800xl: Adopt and adapt VCS slot device for controller inputs on non-5200 systems [AJR]. - abc1600: Update todo [Curt Coder]. - advision: Add confsetting for the interpolation. Emulate the display at a lower level. Get rid of led fade, fix INS (MAME fastforward) not working, add driver notes [hap]. - antic: Remove hardcoded input port name and make it a GTIA callback instead. Double pixels for Mode 9 graphics. Fixes Caverns of Mars title screen. Remove long-obsolete "used colors" tables [AJR]. VBL status is always held no matter enable irq reg, fixes a800 anteater hangs. Make m_scanline to be consistant across soft resets. Guard against side_effects reads for WSYNC. Display area is 240 in both NTSC and PAL, fixes cut top/bottom in crystalr and mileage [Angelo Salese]. - apple2: Get rid of outdated port definitions that caused joystick tracking weirdness. Final removal of Apple II support for the legacy floppy system. [R. Belmont] - apple2e.cpp: Rework aux memory handling so the standard 80-column card works properly. All Laser 128 models now use the new floppy system and can run .woz images [R. Belmont]. Really get rid of legacy floppy stuff [AJR]. - apricot: Screen raw parameters [Dirk Best]. - arm_cpu: Changed description to 'ARM'. Eliminate big-endian bus variant not actually implemented until ARM6 (which is also not emulated here) [AJR]. - atari400.cpp: "Caps" key is not a physical toggle. Remove second trigger buttons from systems that don't support them [AJR]. Fix a130xe low mapping. Fix up screen configs with set_raw [Angelo Salese]. - cdtv: Replaced abbreviated country names with full names and added language info elements in 'cdtv.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - dc: Replaced abbreviated country names with full names in descriptions in 'dc.xml' [ArcadeShadow] - ef9364: Blanking lines repeat first character row [Nigel Barnes]. - einstein: Added 2nd ROM socket [Nigel Barnes]. - ekara: Added evio cartridge with 24LC08 I2C EEPROM (allows evio:em18 to run and save data). Marked sc0008 as a bad dump – it crashes on the scoring screen, possibly due to bit rot in 'ekara_japan_s.xml' [David Haywood]. - fd1771: Add missing inversion and add extended DDAM handling [Olivier Galibert]. - fdes2100d: Changed description to 'Designer 2100 Display (set 1)'. Fix bookrom bankswitch, make the lcd update edge triggered. Partial revert prev commit [hap]. - gameboy: Moved MBC3/MBC30 to their own file as separate devices. Support MBC6 ROMs in GBX format. Fixed a HK0701/HK0819 protection read [Vas Crabb]. - gamegear: Replaced country name abbreviations with full names in descriptions in 'gamegear.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - gamekin3: Machine promoted to working [AJR, David Haywood]. - gameking.cpp: Marked both systems working [Vas Crabb]. - gameking: Machine promoted to working [AJR, David Haywood]. - gb_rom_mbc3: Changed description to 'Game Boy MBC3 Cartridge'. - gba: Cleaned up descriptions, and added language info elements in 'gba.xml' [ArcadeShadow] - geneve: Change default for Genmod dip switches [Michael Zapf]. - intchess: Remove unneeded gfx_layout [hap]. - k1: Add skeleton key scanner device [AJR]. - kr2376_st: Added the ROM12 variant [Nigel Barnes]. - lynx: Replaced "Euro" abbreviation with "Europe" in descriptions in 'lynx.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - m50734: Emulate some on-chip timers [AJR]. - m68000: Split the header to make future semi-indenpendant implementations sane [Olivier Galibert]. - mac.cpp: Fix regression in maciisi [R. Belmont]. LLE emulate the PIC1654S ADB modem used on early ADB Macs [R. Belmont, Al Kossow, O. Galibert]. - macadb: Additional cleanup [R. Belmont]. - maccclas: Machine promoted to working [R. Belmont]. - maclc520: Machine promoted to working [R. Belmont]. - megadriv: More Chinese title cleanup in 'megadriv.xml'. Use Hanyu Pinyin for Chinese transliteration in 'megadriv.xml' [Vas Crabb]. - mn1880: Additional notes [AJR]. - mtu130.cpp: Enable additional reset vector, fixes protection failures [Peter Ferrie]. - mtu130: Add id prom. Caps lock is a toggle. Add initial software list [Olivier Galibert]. - n7751: Changed description to 'NEC uPD7751'. - nes: Replaced abbreviated country names with full names in descriptions in 'nes.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - pc9821.cpp: PEGC 256 mode doesn't follow GDC latches, fixes aitd at very least [Angelo Salese]. - pc98ha.cpp: Kickoff a bungo_flop.xml SW list [Angelo Salese]. - pcecd: Fixed typo in dknight2 disc label in 'pcecd.xml' [kmg]. - plus1: Use BBC Micro-type slot for analogue joystick inputs [AJR]. - psx.cpp: Replaced country name abbreviations in descriptions with full names in 'psx.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - ptm6840: Fix unsigned comparison [AJR]. - qx10.cpp: Reworked QX-10 keyboard implementation, fixing multiple issues [Brian Johnson]. - qx10: Added YM2149-based sound card. Added hard disk support for the Epson QX-10 (IDE and ComFiler CR-1510 option boards) [Brian Johnson]. - qx10_keyboard_ascii: Changed description to 'Epson QX-10 Keyboard (ASCII)'. - r100: Add skeleton key scanner device [AJR]. - rz1: Add MIDI ports. Add foot input, small fixes. Add MT (magnetic tape) support to load and save rythm and sample data. Supports raw .wav files as well as .cas files (same format as TRS-80 Model 3). Add a line-in port to support sampling. Currently uses a cassette drive: You can sample .wav files. Add NVRAM for data and samples. Improve layout and add support for the sampling LED. Add software list for audio (the official RZ-1 Sound Collection tape) and data tapes (homebrew files). Update notes and small cleanups [Dirk Best]. - saturn: Replaced abbreviated country names with full names in descriptions in 'saturn.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - sms: Replaced abbreviated country names with full names in descriptions in 'sms.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. More Chinese title cleanup in 'sms.xml' [Vas Crabb]. - snes: Replaced "Euro" abbreviation in descriptions with "Europe" in 'snes.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - spectrum.cpp: Added DiagROM v1.59 as a BIOS option for spectrum [holub]. - swtpc09: Added S-BUG 1.9 [Pete Golding]. - tasc.cpp: Remove wrong note [hap]. - tiki100_8088: Dumped PALs [frodevan]. - trs80l2: BugFIX#08435 [Core] (trs/trs80.cpp) trs80l2: WD1771 does not support a1 DAM status bit [O. Galibert]. BugFIX#08458 [Core] (trs/trs80.cpp) trs80l2: Sync byte value is not correctly read from WD FDC in two places [pnp2084]. - trs80m4: BugFIX#08458 [Core] (trs/trs80.cpp) trs80m4: Sync byte value is not correctly read from WD FDC in two places [pnp2084]. - upd7810: Fixed serial input/output [Dirk Best]. Adjusted instruction clock counts to match the UPD78[C]1x datasheet; also applied similar fixes to the upd7807 when instructions matched and timing otherwise was identical to the upd7810, or when the timing was documented elsewhere. Made some minor fixes to debug information for certain illegal opcodes [Lord Nightmare]. - v25: IF only masks externally vectored interrupts. Call exception hook on bankswitch interrupt [AJR]. - victor9k.cpp: Fixed several bugs in display logic [Paul Devine]. - wd1000: Fixed crash when interrupt request output callback is not connected [Brian Johnson]. - Renamed (arm_le) to (arm_cpu) and (qx10_keyboard) to (qx10_keyboard_ascii) devices. - Renamed (kawai_acr20.cpp) to (acr20.cpp), (kawai_k1.cpp) to (k1.cpp), (kawai_r100.cpp) to (r100.cpp), (kawai_k4.cpp) to (k4.cpp), (kawai_k5.cpp) to (k5.cpp) and (kawai_ksp10.cpp) to (ksp10.cpp) drivers. - Removed (a2diskii), (apple_fdcl), (arm_be), (floppy_apple), (fscpu32) and (iwml) devices. - AJR added Kawai MB63H158 Touch Sensor device. - Angelo Salese added Atari 800 ROM Carts Corina 1MB Flash ROM and Atari 800 ROM Carts Corina 512KB Flash ROM + 512KB RAM devices. - David Haywood added EKARA Cartridge with I2C 24LC08 (evio direct access) device. - Nigel Barnes added Millsgrade Voxbox Speech Synthesiser and SMC KR2376-12 Keyboard Encoder devices. - R. Belmont added Apple ADB Modem and GI PIC1654S devices. - Vas Crabb added Comrex ComFiler CR-1510, Epson QX-10 Compact Flash Adapter, Epson QX-10 Keyboard (HASCI), Epson QX-10 Keyboard Port, Epson QX-10 YM2149 Sound Card and Game Boy MBC30 Cartridge devices. - Andrew Terwilliger added NEC PC-9801 system. - Berger added Fidelity Electronics Designer 2100 Display (set 2) system. - cuba200611 added Epson PC-286VS system. - DBWBP added DigiTech GSP 5 Guitar Effects Processor/Preamp and Yamaha PSS-480 / PSS-580 systems. - Devin Acker added Casio CTK-530 system. - flyingharuka added NEC PC-9801DX and NEC PC-9801FS systems. - Guru added AtGames Colecovision Flashback system. - hap, Sean Riddle, John Parker, Altharic, wolf676 added Chromatronics Chroma-Chime system. - holub added MicroART ATM-Turbo 2+ and NedoPC ZX Evolution: BASECONF systems. - Mike Stedman added NEC Bungo mini 5SX system. - AJR added digitech_gsp5.cpp driver. - Andrei I. Holub added pentevo.cpp driver. - Angelo Salese added bungo.cpp driver.




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