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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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New in MESSInfo:
0.262: ====== - academy: Changed description to 'Mephisto Academy (English, 04-10-88)'. Bookrom has identical halves [hap]. - agvision.cpp: Allow MC6847 device to configure screen timing [Tim Lindner]. - amiga.cpp: Get rid of logic setups in screen_update [Angelo Salese]. - amstrad.cpp: Remove \xC2 and \xC3 from input defs [hap]. - apple2e.cpp: Support standard boot speed with Zip Chip [Peter Ferrie]. - aquarius.cpp: Support pasting Arabic text for aquarius_ar in Arabic mode. Filled in three remaining Arabic key labels. Fixed up most Arabic keyboard labels [Vas Crabb]. - cc1: Remove timer_device [hap]. - cc2150: Changed manufacturer to 'Tandy Corporation / Saitek'. - ch376: Use multibyte.h helpers [AJR]. - chesstrvi: Add svg screen for lcd [hap]. - const: Improve contrast for button panel [hap]. - cp2000: Improve contrast for button panel. Artwork: Brown theme, mephiso europa artwork: add coords to board squares [hap]. - csc: Update pia0 ca1/cb1 before writing to pia0, elite,eag68k: remove m_rotate variable [hap]. - cscet: Changed description to 'Elite Champion Challenger (WMCCC 1981 Travemünde TM)'. - dallas32: Changed description to 'Mephisto Dallas 68020 (set 1)'. - damesc: Update checkers pieces [hap]. - dp83932c: Use multibyte.h helpers [AJR]. Fix receive overflow logic [Patrick Mackinlay]. - easy_karaoke.cpp: This system used a (now long defunct) download service rather than cartridges for adding songs. Current dump does not appear to contain any downloaded songs. Also listed built-in songs in comments [David Haywood]. - easykara: Changed manufacturer to 'IVL Technologies (Easy Karaoke license)'. - epic14e: Connect DIP switches properly; add speaker sound [AJR]. - exp85.cpp: Implemented ROM mirroring and fixed interrupt management [Federico Milano]. - fc100.cpp: Denote clearly missing MCU dump [Angelo Salese]. - felega: Update rom labels, psr260: underclock cpu for now, and get rid of lcd set_busy_factor [hap]. - filter_volume: Rename flt_volume_set_volume to set_gain, add getter for gain, wildfire: refactor speaker decay code [hap]. - fingbowl: Some of the strings relied on font black edges [hap]. - fpres: Changed description to 'Prestige Challenger (original program, set 1)'. - galeb: Add unicode keys [Miodrag Milanovic]. - h89.cpp: Implemented single-step functionality. Added DIP switch settings for Ultimeth ROM. Added H-88-5 Cassette interface, and H88 as a clone of the H89 [Mark Garlanger]. - harddisk_image: Use multibyte.h helpers [AJR]. - hd44780: Set typical clock to 270khz. Adjust blink timer in device_clock_changed [hap]. Base busy time and blink rate on device clock frequency [Lord Nightmare]. - hd6301v1: ST IMM opcodes cause a trap interrupt. Save more internal registers to NVRAM. RTI after TRAP returns to the address where the trap error occured. Port output latches are kept intact when in standby mode, x0 does not have ddr4. Instead of skip, zerofill NVRAM when no battery save. Fix timer 2 serial clock [hap]. - hd6301x0: Add irq pins to p5 read, acesp: hook up irq2. ST IMM opcodes cause a trap interrupt. Save more internal registers to NVRAM. RTI after TRAP returns to the address where the trap error occured. Port output latches are kept intact when in standby mode, x0 does not have ddr4. Instead of skip, zerofill NVRAM when no battery save. Fix timer 2 serial clock [hap]. - hd6301y0: ST IMM opcodes cause a trap interrupt. Save more internal registers to NVRAM. RTI after TRAP returns to the address where the trap error occured. Port output latches are kept intact when in standby mode, x0 does not have ddr4. Instead of skip, zerofill NVRAM when no battery save. Fix timer 2 serial clock [hap]. - hh_sm510.cpp: Corrected model number for tmchammer in comments, and sorted systems by model number [algestam]. Remove "licensed from" in company strings). Darker screen when not using ext artwork [hap]. - hudson_poems.cpp: Make helper functions static inlines [Vas Crabb]. Added preliminary Xtensa CPU and Hudson Soft POEMS system [David Haywood]. - i386: Don't handle op/addr size prefixes twice in rep [cracyc]. In the cpu state view show the flags of the x87 status words and some of CR0 add constants for the bits in the CRx registers and start using them. Display cr0 and x87 status registers as before plus more usages for the crx bits constants [yz70s]. - i8291a: Implement interrupt polarity inversion [Patrick Mackinlay]. - kim1.cpp: Add preliminary KIM-1 expansion bus/backplane support and MTU K-1016 16K RAM card. Cleaned up memory mirroring [R. Belmont]. Added view with screen (won't be viable without framebuffer card) and clickable buttons [Vas Crabb]. Add sst switch, add window border for keypad [hap]. - kim1: Remove unused linked list. Add support for MTU "Visible Memory" (aka "Visable Memory") board [R. Belmont]. - ks0164: Reduce the octave bits to 4 [Olivier Galibert]. - leonardo: Update notes on serial port [hap]. - lola8a: Keyboard cleanup. Add RAM options and cleanup keyboard mapping [Miodrag Milanovic]. - m37710s4: Remove obsolete UCHAR_MAX check. Clean up include guards, disagree with hap from past about copyright [hap]. - m6800: Move m6801 TODO over to m6801.cpp. Remove ONE_MORE_INSN macro, re-add irq logmacro, hd6301x: add ext irq enable mask, add ext irq2 [hap]. - m6801: Port data latches are not initialized at reset. Mask unused RAM ctrl reg bits [hap]. - mac128.cpp: Unsupport TAS instruction on pre-SE machines, as documented [AJR]. - mb87030: Logging improvements [AJR]. - mc10.cpp: Allow MC6847 device to configure screen timing [Tim Lindner]. - mccs1850: Use multibyte.h helpers [AJR]. - mdconsole.cpp: Fixed Genesis Nomad compatibility filter. Added compatibility filters for cartrdige software list [Vas Crabb]. - mm1kb: Merge my input defs changes after cuavas's commit [hap]. - mm5p: Changed description to 'Mephisto MM V (WMCCC 1989 Portorose TM)'. - mos6526: Fix UNUSED register behaviour, add alarm IRQ. fix a couple of initial states as per vAmigaTS/showcia1 test. Fix a couple of initial states as per vAmigaTS/showcia1 test [Angelo Salese]. - ms6102: Hardware-accurate descrambling of character generator using PROM data [AJR]. - ms7002: Keyboard updates. Correct assignments of Latin, Delete, Keypad 9 and Keypad . keys. Add bindings for Latin and Russian mode keys [AJR]. - mu100: Tighten the wires that went loose. Add BIOS version 1.06 [Matt]. - mu80: Program rom label correction [Matt]. - nb_c264: Modernization pass: Raster timings should be accurate now. Modernized types, usage of palette_device, and more. VBL status register now returns the correct value [R. Belmont]. Better guess at screen parameters; note second XTAL and its probable use [AJR]. - nb_laserview: Rewrite to current standards, add save state support [R. Belmont]. - nb_vikbw: Changed description to 'Moniterm MacViking II video card'. Modernized and cleaned up the Moniterm MacViking II card support. Additional modernizations, add save state support [R. Belmont]. - nb_wspt: Modernized types, format, and palette device usage. Use correct raster timing parameters. Added save state support. Fixed 2/4 bpp modes, which never worked [R. Belmont]. - ncd16: Add NCD 16 Version 2.1.0 [Bitsavers]. - nmicro2: piccolo has the same MCU as octo [hap]. - ns32081: Fix sfsr instruction [Patrick Mackinlay] - nsmb3, nsmw, nstarfox: Changed manufacturer to 'Nelsonic'. - odyssey2.cpp: Replaced “US” with “USA” in descriptive text in 'videopac.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - omar1: Changed description to 'Omar I'. - opti82c861: Changed description to 'OPTi 82C861 "FireLink" USB OHCI controller'. - orao: Add unicode keys and fixed one key mapping [Miodrag Milanovic]. - paula_8364: Assume max size if audlen == 0, fixes missing sound in videokid and wrestlmn [Angelo Salese]. - pc8401a.cpp: Redump pc8401bd [David Stephenson]. Rework IRQ to be a free running timer. Overhaul keyboard mapping. Overhaul keyboard mapping. Modernize memory map. Cleanups: Remove empty pc8401a romset. Consolidate in single file. Remove i8255 device: eventually belongs to pc80s31k sub-device. Remove 6845 stub device: eventually belongs to option slot. Workaround for system not starting up, keyboard simulation eagerly sending irqs while system is not ready. Add irq mask, add up/down and proper shift keys. Implement internal NVRAM, fix external RAM select [Angelo Salese]. - pce.cpp: Moved CD-ROM² Super System Card and Arcade Pro CD-ROM² Card to slot card devices [cam900]. - pcipc.cpp: Add ProMotion 3210 PCI card stub [VGA Legacy MKIII]. Add stub for AHA2940AU [Guru]. Make #include guards match paths, sort filenames [Vas Crabb]. Add RTL8139 stub. Add ZR36057 stub. Add stubs for S3 SonicVibes and RTL802AS PCI based cards [Angelo Salese]. - pd3_c264: Better guess at screen parameters; note second XTAL and its probable use [AJR]. - pecom.cpp: Add unicode keys [Miodrag Milanovic]. - psr540: Fix the rom labels. Add the internal kernel rom [Olivier Galibert]. - pxa255: Cleaned up peripheral emulation code (implements free-running timer, fixes EEPROM reads) [Ryan Holtz]. - rc2014: Use virtual member functions for bus signal handlers [Miodrag Milanovic]. - rmnimbus.cpp: Made simulated mouse the default and also cleaned up some metadata [Vas Crabb]. Fixed joystick input. Added support for second joystick. Added a machine configuration option to simulate mouse BIOS handlers [Robin Sergeant]. - s3virge: Denote hack in background pen BitBlt [Angelo Salese]. - savant: Small tweak to svg [hap]. - sega_beena.cpp: TV Ocha-Ken cards are swiped through the scanner - can't swipe an absent card. Hooked up barcode cards [Vas Crabb]. - sexpertc2: Update ROM labels [hap]. - skywriter: Prevent class variable shadowing with m_display, modular_tm: overclock lcd with set_clock_scale instead [hap]. - sms1, sms1br: BugFix#08754 [Documentation] (sega/sms.cpp) sms1: The original Master System was not numbered [Vas Crabb]. - sms1kr: Changed description to 'Gam*Boy (Korea)'. - sms1krfm: Changed description to 'Gam*Boy (Korea) (FM)'. - sms1pal, sms1paln: BugFix#08754 [Documentation] (sega/sms.cpp): The original Master System was not numbered [Vas Crabb]. - snes.cpp: Removed problematic 'Hind Strike' cartridge image in 'snes.xml' [Vas Crabb]. - snova.cpp: Small tweak to internal artwork [hap]. Redo svg from lcd scan (old one was based on scan from manual) [hap, Berger]. - spectrum.cpp: Fixed year for 'Funky Fungus Reloaded' in 'spectrum_cass.xml' [Vas Crabb]. - spg29x_lexibook_jg7425.cpp: Added Funderdome FUN-GAME32-1 (not working) [David Haywood]. - sprinter.cpp: Fixed interrupts; bus/spectrum: Added DVD drive option for ZXBUS NeoGS. Added support for the Kempston joystick [holub]. - suprtvpc: Changed description to 'Super TV-PC' and year in '2004'. - swp30: More routing [Olivier Galibert]. - tstar432: Rename sstar36k to tstar432a and add a CPU freq config instead [hap]. - tstar432b: Change description to 'Turbostar 432 (set 3)'. - tv912.cpp: Modernize, getting rid of bankdev [AJR]. - upd7220: Update display enable bit when handling SYNC command (fixes Epson QX-10 LOGO Professor) [Brian Johnson]. - vcc: Changed description to 'Voice Chess Challenger (set 1)'. - virge_pci: Move new MMIO mapping to map_extra. Fix Ubuntu-flavored & BeOS 3.x black screen when switching to display managers. Fix BAR compliance [Angelo Salese]. - voodoo_3: Implement legacy VGA clock setups [Angelo Salese]. - vt100_kbd: Remove binding to right control key since the actual keyboard only has one on the left [AJR]. - wavesynth: Slotify the omniwave [Olivier Galibert]. - wildfire: Rename TIMER_CALLBACK_MEMBER [hap]. - wy100: Enable diagnostic self-test. Customize loopback device to remove need for hack [AJR]. - wy185es: Clock correction. Add EPCI device [AJR]. - wy50: Remove a useless bit of leftover code. Add AUX ports [AJR]. - wy60: Add AUX ports [AJR]. - x68k.cpp: x68k_flop.xml: Use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions [ArcadeShadow]. 'SoftBank' has no space.l [Vas Crabb]. Correct hash entries for akazopa to match provided image [ci]. - xavix.cpp: Filled in title of EC0073-MKC (Mood Kayo Collection Volume 1) in 'ekara_japan.xml' [David Haywood]. - xavix_2002.cpp: Added an unbranded Epoch Super TV-PC variant and a software list [TeamEurope, QUFB, David Haywood]. Get rid of bogus gcc -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning [hap]. - xtensa: Make helper functions static inlines [Vas Crabb]. Added preliminary Xtensa CPU and Hudson Soft POEMS system [David Haywood]. Fix disassembly of L32E and S32E offsets. Clean up PC debug state registration [AJR]. - ymmu100.cpp: Use mnemonic BIOS tags, reduce copy/pasta [Vas Crabb]. - ympsr11.cpp: Add layout [cracyc]. - ympsr540.cpp: Fixed IC locations for SWX00 ROMs (fixes GitHub #11800) [Vas Crabb]. - z80: Update undocumented WZ register during block I/O instructions [Manuel Sainz de Baranda y Goñi, holub]. - Rename (amsterda) to (amsterdg), (dallas16a) to (dallas16g), (omar) to (omar1) and (roma16a) to (roma16g), (sh1_sh7032) to (sh7032), (suprpctv) to (suprtvpc) and (sstar36k) to (tstar432b). - Aaron Giles added 'Fujitsu MBM29F160TE Flash (16-bit)' device. - AJR added 'WY-100 Printer Loopback (3 to 20)' device. - Angelo Salese added 'Emagic Audiowerk2 Digital Audio Recording PCI card', 'nVidia GeForce 256 DDR (NV10)', 'nVidia GeForce 256 SDR (NV10)', 'nVidia Quadro (NV10)', 'PCI extension motherboard port', 'Realtek RTL8029AS PCI Full-Duplex Ethernet card', 'Realtek RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter card', 'S3 Sonic Vibes 86C617 PCI card', 'Voodoo Banshee PCI (x86)' and 'Zoran ZR36057-based PCI Enhanced Multimedia Controller card' devices. - BCM, =CO=Windler, Devin Acker added 'Casio RA-5 RAM cartridge' device. - BCM, Devin Acker added 'Casio WG-130' device. - cam900 added 'Arcade Card Duo', 'Arcade Card Pro', 'PCE Super System Card' and 'TG16 Super System Card' devices. - David Haywood, azya52 added 'Holtek HT1130' and 'Holtek HT1190' devices. - Devin Acker added 'Waveblaster extension connector' device. - Frodevan added 'Tandberg TDV-2100 series Display Logic terminal module' and 'Tandberg TDV-2100 series Keyboard' devices. - Guru added 'Adaptec AHA-2940AU PCI SCSI controller card' device. - hap added 'OKI MSM5001N LCD Watch' device. - Mark Garlanger added 'Heath H-88-5 Cassette Interface' device. - Matt, Olivier Galibert added 'Yamaha SW1000XG' device. - Olivier Galibert added 'Yamaha DS2416', 'Hitachi SH-2 (SH7042)' and 'Samsung Omniwave' devices. - Olivier Galibert, Phil Bennett added 'Yamaha DB50XG' and 'Yamaha DB60XG' devices. - Patrick Mackinlay added 'Motorola MVME350' device. - R. Belmont added 'KIM-1 Backplane Slot', 'KIM-1 Bus', 'MTU K-1008 8K Visible Memory card' and 'MTU K-1016 16K RAM card' devices. - Rob Justice added 'Vista A800 8inch disk Controller Card' device. - shattered added 'Robotron K7070 KGS' device. - Tailsnic Retroworks added 'Panasonic MN1252 LCD controller' device. - Vas Crabb added 'Epson S1C33209', 'Epson S1C33221', 'Epson S1C33222' and 'Sega TV Ocha-Ken barcode card' devices. - VGA Legacy MKIII added 'Alliance Semiconductor ProMotion 3210' device. - Wilbert Pol added 'MSX Cartridge - FS-SR021', 'MSX Computer Club Gouda MSX-SCSI Interface', 'Sega AI Card - 128KB', 'Sega AI Card - 256KB', 'Sega AI Card Slot', 'Sega AI Expansion - Soundbox' and 'Sega AI Expansion Slot' devices. - AJR added wicat/t7000.cpp driver. - David Haywood and tvgames/gpm4530a_lexibook_jg7420.cpp drivers. - Dirk Best added brother/pn8800fxb.cpp driver. - Frode van der Meeren added tandberg/tdv2115l.cpp driver. - hap added novag/accord.cpp, chess/cking_triomphe.cpp, novag/constjr.cpp, misc/ctvboy.cpp, saitek/ecbackg.cpp, hegenerglaser/europa.cpp, chess/yeno_301xl.cpp, novag/svip.cpp, saitek/turbo16k.cpp and saitek/edames.cpp drivers. - Patrick Mackinlay added natsemi/sys16.cpp driver. - R. Belmont, Olivier Galibert added yamaha/ymmu90.cpp driver. - Vas Crabb added skeleton/aquaplus_piece.cpp driver. - Wilbert Pol, Fabio Priuli added sega/segaai.cpp driver. - algestam, Milan Galcik, Igor Nys added 'bootleg (Nauchpribor) Altair (Nauchpribor)' system. - algestam, Sean Riddle, hap added 'Tiger Electronics Pit-Fighter (Tiger)' system. - anonymous added 'Yamaha MU90' system. - azya52, David Haywood added 'Block Game & Echo Key GA888' and 'E-Star Brick Game 96 in 1 (E-23 Plus Mark II)' systems. - BCM, =CO=Windler, Devin Acker added 'Casio CZ-230S' system. - BCM, Devin Acker added 'Casio SZ-1' system. - Berger added 'Fidelity Electronics Prestige Challenger (original program, set 2)', 'Fidelity Electronics Prestige Challenger (original program, set 3)', 'Fidelity Electronics Prestige Challenger (original program, set 4)', 'Fidelity Electronics Prestige Challenger (original program, set 5)', 'Fidelity Electronics Prestige Challenger (original program, set 6)', 'Fidelity Electronics Voice Chess Challenger (set 2)' and 'Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Dallas 68020 (set 2)' systems. - Bitsavers added 'Wicat Systems T7000 Video Terminal' system. - Chris Covell, Fabio Priuli, Wilbert Pol, smspower, The Game Preservation Society added 'Sega AI' system. - David Haywood added 'Funderdome Funderdome Video Game Entertainment System 200+ Games (FUN-GAME32-1)' and 'Lexibook Lexibook JG7420 200-in-1' systems. - David Haywood, TeamEurope added 'Takara Tomy / SSD Company LTD Hi-Kara (Japan)' system. - David Stephenson added 'NEC PC-8401BD' system. - Dirk Best, Bookman Archive added 'Brother PN-8800FXB' system. - Drahti added 'Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Academy (Dutch, 04-10-88)' and 'Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Academy (German, 27-08-88)' systems. - François Thunus added 'Psion Series 3mx (French)' system. - Frode van der Meeren added 'Tandberg TDV-2115L' system. - hap added 'Gakken Compact Vision TV Boy' system. - hap, Berger added 'Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Europa', 'Novag Accord', 'Novag Super VIP (v1.01)', 'Novag Super VIP (v1.03)', 'Novag Super VIP (v3.6)', 'Novag Super VIP (v3.7)' and 'Novag VIP (Novag)' systems. - hap, Berger, Sean Riddle added 'Chess King / Intelligent Software Triomphe' system. - hap, Mychess added 'Novag Constellation Junior' system. - hap, Sean Riddle added 'Saitek Electronic Champion Backgammon', 'Saitek Electronic Dames', 'SciSys Companion III', 'SciSys Turbo 16K', 'Tandy Corporation / SciSys 1850 Deluxe Table Chess (model 60-2199)' and 'Tryom Omar II' systems. - hap, Sean Riddle, Berger added 'Yeno 301 XL (Yeno)' system. - hap, Sean Riddle, ClawGrip added 'Saitek Kasparov Conquistador' and 'Saitek Kasparov Team-Mate' systems. - Mark Garlanger added 'Heath Company Heathkit H88' system. - mclane added 'Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Academy T+T (Dutch, prototype)' and 'Hegener + Glaser Mephisto MM II (Nona program, DOCCC 1985 Leiden TM)' systems. - Plamen Mihaylov added 'National Semiconductor SYS16' system. - Sean Harrington added 'Ecico Electronics Aquarius (Arabic)' system. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood added 'IVL Technologies KaraokeTV Star (US, with 50 songs)' system. - TeamEurope, QUFB added 'Epoch / SSD Company LTD Super TV-PC - Hello Kitty' system. - Vas Crabb added 'Aquaplus P/ECE (2 MB Flash)' and 'Aquaplus P/ECE (512 kB Flash)' systems.




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