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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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download messinfo.dat

New in MESSInfo:
0.243: ====== - abc1600: Implement RAM parity test bit. Improve logging, use u8/u16 [Curt Coder]. - apple1.cpp, microtan.cpp, mtx.cpp: Eliminate use of device_image_interface::ptr() method [AJR]. - apple2: Split the 16 sector format in DOS/proDOS types [Olivier Galibert]. - apple2e.cpp: BugFIX#08293 [Graphics] (apple2e.cpp) apple2ee: Wrong High Res Colors after Enabling Double High Res [R. Belmont]. - apple2e: Fix Zip Chip emulation so it can't be reenabled while locked [R. Belmont]. - apple2gs.cpp: BugFIX#08239 [Crash/Freeze] (apple2gs.cpp) apple2gs, apple2gsr1: Diversi-Tune 1.1 crashes/hangs emulation on song start of playback and BugFIX#08240 [Interface] (apple2gs.cpp) apple2gs: Glitchy Joystick input via gameio [R. Belmont]. - apple3.cpp: BugFIX#07449 [Media Support] (apple3.cpp) apple3: Data corruption after write to floppy [Olivier Galibert]. - arm_iomd: Improve serial DAC overrun/int handling, makes SFXs to work better in ppcar; acorn_vidc.cpp: workaround missing default QS1000 sounds in ssfindo/tetfight by disabling DAC outputs for the time being [Angelo Salese]. - b5000: Rename base class to rw5000 [hap]. - c80: Merged c80h into c80.cpp. Fixed random crash. Removed bogus 9th digit. Documented how to use the cassette [Robbbert]. - cexpert: Add CPU freq config [hap]. - coco12.cpp: Increase dynamic range of Radio Shack hi-res joystick interface [Tim Lindner]. - coco3.cpp: Increased range of high resolution joystick axis inputs [Tim Lindner]. - dc: Fix crash with no GD-ROM loaded [AJR]. - dsp56000: Correct harmless typo [Patrick Mackinlay]. - exl100: Added keyboard. Added cassette. Added save_states. Some games are playable [Robbbert]. - fccpu20: Fixed save-state registration warnings [Robbbert]. - fm8: Moved FM-8 cassettes that were previously in fm7_cass.xml to their own software list (fm8_cass.xml) [r09]. - fmtowns: Fixed disks that had been incorrectly converted to HxC MFM format in fmtowns_flop_orig.xml, pc98.xml, pc98_cd.xml [r09]. - generalplus_gpl16250_nand.cpp: BugFIX#08270 [Documentation] (generalplus_gpl16250_nand.cpp) jak_gtg: Year of release for the JAKKS Pacific Golden Tee Golf [geforcefly]. - hh_rw5000.cpp: Remove sqr, pow2, arrows from strings [hap]. - homelab.cpp: Eliminate use of fgetc in quickload processing [AJR]. - huc6272: Don't return -1 when running out of nybbles in adpcm_update fn, fixes extremely overdriven PC-FX aliasing huc6230.cpp: code review some dubious paths [Angelo Salese]. - i82371ab: Convert to logmacro, fix log writes [Angelo Salese]. - iwm: Do a complete clock change on sync write for better flux change time precision iwm: Increate the flux write buffer size for better performance (complete sector write in a single call) [Olivier Galibert]. - jaguarcd: Fix nodisc crash again [hap]. - jr200: Removed writing to rom regions; improvements to keyboard. Added cassette baud switch, and break (nmi) key. Fixed capslock logic [Robbbert]. - mac.cpp: Initialized some variables which were causing problems [Ivan Vangelista]. - mc68340timmod: Fix potential crash on mode logging [Angelo Salese]. - neogeo.cpp: Fixed editing error in matrim AES serial, corrected release years for moshougi and flipshot and corrected release years for kof97 and kof97h in 'neogeo.xml' [CanoeHope]. - nes.cpp: Minor simplification to TQROM + update support status [kmg]. - nes: Removed redundant device_start and pcb_reset implementations. Improved emulation of Taito X1-017 boards, and corrected page order in associated program ROM dumps. Cleaned up BMC_12IN1 cartridge emulation. Cleaned up and simplified implementation for several Kaiser boards. Added support for DS-9-27 multi-game cartridge board [kmg]. - nes_bmc_gold260: Changed description to 'NES Cart BMC Golden Game X in 1 PCB'. - osborne1.cpp: BugFIX#08100 [Media Support] (osborne1.cpp) osborne1 and clones: IMD disk image support is broken. - pc8001.cpp: Major groundwork cleanups. Reduce signature name fns. Separate dictionary and CD-ROM later model use into own state machines. Clean input ports a bit. Bulk printf -> logerror. Initial batch of exporting PC8801-31 to a separate device. Fix configuration mistake for CPU speed. Add base diplocations, massage documentation of ports $30, $31, $40, misc cleanups. Fix mouse cursor jump bugs, remove deprecated PORT_RESET usage. Rework and extend expansion slot descriptions. Add note about extended FH keyboards. Add dip positions for BASIC dips. Blind fix kanji LV2 hookup. Use required_region_ptr for ROM regions, split kanji_lv2 to own one. Move a few notes to XML. Remove unneeded port $33 hookup (should be unmapped on all PC8801 variants). Initial implementation of interrupts using i8214 as base. Fixes at least yojukiko and bishojbg BGMs. Add clock calculation for internal DAC1BIT, add reported V1 revision numbers for each romset. Move OPN/OPNA sound chip mounts to interna - rw18r: Changed description to '18R: Memory'. - spec128.cpp, spectrum.cpp: Corrected screen border size [holub]. - ssem.cpp: Eliminate use of fgetc in quickload processing [AJR]. - v9938: Fix out-of-bounds errors from invalid command writes in certain modes [AJR]. - vtech1.cpp: Correct fencepost error in snapshot loader. Eliminate use of device_image_interface::ptr() method [AJR]. - z80scc_channel: Added support for zero count interrupts (fixes MT08239) [Kelvin Sherlock]. Addressed performance loss from recent z80scc changes. Removed unused Z80SCC_USE_LOCAL_BRG and simplified WR15_ZEROCOUNT usage to reduce the likelihood of needless timer activation [Ryan Holtz]. - zx.cpp: Fixed crashes on start in ZX Spectrum clones and NWK-TR games [Vas Crabb]. - Removed (nes_bmc_gold150) and (nes_tengen008) devices. - added HAL Laboratory PCG-8100, Intel iSBC 80/24 Single Board Computer, JMB-X1 "Sound Board X", Motorola MC68HC11E1, NEC PC-8801-23 "Sound Board II", NEC PC8801-31 CD-ROM I/F, NES Cart BMC 831128C PCB, NES Cart BMC DS-9-27 PCB, NES Cart BMC K-3071 PCB, NES Cart BMC KL-06 PCB, NES Cart BMC S-009 PCB, NES Cart BMC TH2348 PCB, NES Cart Waixing Type F1 PCB, NES Cart Zhongguo Daheng PCB, PC-8801 Expansion Slot, Rockwell A5000, Rockwell A5500, Rockwell A5900, Rockwell B5500, Signetics SMVME2000 and SMS Korean 188 in 1 Multicart devices. - anonymous added Novag Super Expert (version C, v1.2) system. - DBWBP added Waldorf Electronics MiniWorks 4-Pole system. - hap, Kevin Horton added Actronics / Hanzawa Wanted G-Man system. - hap, Kevin Horton, Rik added Bandai Go Go Dynaman, Bandai Kiteyo Parman, Bandai Toukon Juohmaru, Gakken Defender, Romtec Pucki & Monsters and Tomy Bombman systems. - hap, Sean Riddle added Rockwell 10R, Rockwell 12R: Square Root, Rockwell 24K, Rockwell 30R: Slide Rule Memory (B5500 version) and Rockwell 31R: Slide Rule Memory systems. - Patrick Mackinlay added Intel iSBC 660 system. - AJR added mw4pole.cpp driver. - Patrick Mackinlay added isbc660.cpp driver.




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