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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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New in MESSInfo:
0.222-0.230: ============= - 24c512: Added Xicor X24C01 support (used for save data in some Mega Drive cartridges) [Ryan Holtz]. - alphatpc16: Initialized some variables wich were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - apple2: Added latest cracks, with lots of MECC software in 'apple2_flop_clcracked.xml' [4am, Firehawke]. Fixed CRC for mcwacs10 in 'apple2_flop_clcracked.xml' [Firehawke]. - apple2gs: Added descriptions for sys504 and sys601 in 'apple2gs.xml'. Added checks for special key combinations to ADB GLU microcontroller simulation. Check for presence of floppy drives before deselecting them. Configure SCC Baud rate generator input clock [Kelvin Sherlock]. - c16: Bugfix#07886: [Media Support] (plus4.cpp) c16: ignores cartridges (1ec0a8b) [Osso]. - cc7a: Changed description to 'Chess Challenger "7" (set 2)'. - ccs7710: Don't take over C800-CFFF space [AJR]. - cdda: Return LBA position as currently playing LBA (fixes issues with Konami System 573 games) [Windy Fairy]. - coco3: Bugfix#07303: [Media Support] (coco3.cpp) coco3 [tharogad]: The Castle of Tharogad game cartridge does not run (91fc427) [AJR]. - genesis: Bugfix#05800: [Sound] (megadriv.cpp) genesis [microm96] [microm96a] [micromm]: Incorrect horn sound in Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96 [Aaron Giles]. - hp_ipc, hp3478a: Initialized some variables which were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - ibm5170: Added Museum Madness and Top Gun: Danger Zone in 'ibm5170.xml' [The Good Old Days, ArcadeShadow]. - iris3130: Initialized some variables which were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - iwm: Small write fixes [Olivier Galibert]. Compile fix [R. Belmont]. Finish the fix, sorry about the mistake. Correct sense value when drive is not connectd [Olivier Galibert]. - m3: XTAL updates [Steve Hunt]. - m68hc05eg: Use the HCMOS cycle timings [R. Belmont, Vas Crabb]. - mac128k, mac2fdhd, mac512k, mac512ke, macclas2, macclasc, macii, maciici, maciicx, maciihmu, maciisi, maciivi, maciivx, maciix, maclc3, macse, macse30, macsefd, unitron, utrn1024: Machine promoted to working [R. Belmont, O. Galibert]. - macplus: Bugfix#07052: [Gameplay] (mac128.cpp) macplus [bdrkcast]: Performance and sound issues with macplus (ee3ad3a) [Lord Nightmare]. Machine promoted to working [R. Belmont, O. Galibert, Patrick Mackinlay]. - md_jcart: Fixed I²C read address for Codemasters games [Ryan Holtz]. - megadrij: Bugfix#05800: [Sound] (megadriv.cpp) megadrij [microm96] [microm96a] [micromm]: Incorrect horn sound in Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96 [Aaron Giles]. - megadriv: Bugfix#07023: [Misc.] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [fatfury, fatfuryu]: incomplete description (6151a36) [ArcadeShadow]. Bugfix#07193: [Documentation] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [jellyboy]: Incomplete release year (6151a36) [ArcadeShadow]. Bugfix#07767: [Documentation] (megadriv.cpp) [megadriv] tecmowc, tecmow92: tecmowc and tecmow92 should be related (6151a36) [ArcadeShadow]. Bugfix#05800: [Sound] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [microm96] [microm96a] [micromm]: Incorrect horn sound in Micro Machines Turbo Tournament '96 [Aaron Giles]. Bugfix#06166: [Sound] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [batman]: Bad emulated sound effects when hitting the enemies (95869d5) [Aaron Giles]. Bugfix#05191: [Save/Restore] (megadriv.cpp) megadriv [evander,wboymw]: EEPROM values not written for saved game (19b9f02) [Ryan Holtz]. - mpz80, mz700, pc4, pockstat, pofo, proteus3: Initialized some variables which were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - rs70_648: Bugfix#07904: [Documentation] (monkey_king_3b.cpp) rs70_648: The machine does not report the manufacturer (516b085) [AntoPISA]. Change manufacturer to 'CoolBoy'. - swim1: Small write fixes. Correct sense value when drive is not connectd [Olivier Galibert]. - ti99_4ev: Bugfix#07889: [Crash/Freeze] (ti99_4p.cpp) ti99_4ev: [debug] Assert shortly after launch (71b0146) [Osso]. - ti99_4p: Bugfix#07889: [Crash/Freeze] (ti99_4p.cpp) ti99_4p: [debug] Assert shortly after launch (71b0146) [Osso]. - x820: Bugfix#07885: [Media Support] (xerox820.cpp) x820: no longer boots the floppy disk. - ym2151: Changed description to 'YM2151 OPM'. - ym2164: Changed description to 'YM2164 OPP'. - ym2414: Changed description to 'YM2414 OPZ'. - ym2610b: Changed description to 'YM2610 OPNB2'. - 4dpi.cpp: Added three entries, and missing discs for various entries in 'sgi_mips.xml' [nixzone.nl, pixelbart.net, Davide Cavalca]. - amstr_pc.cpp: initialized some variables wich were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - coco12.cpp: Set proper tri-state value for keyboard PIA port B (fixes MT07701) [Tim Lindner]. - fmtowns.cpp: Split into separate lists for original, cracked and miscellaneous software, and added seven entries in 'fmtowns_flop.xml'. Added thirteen entries, replaced twelve entries with better dumps, and added five missing floppies in 'fmtowns_cd.xml' [r09]. - hh_cops1.cpp: qkracerm ram is 8x12 [hap]. - hp80.cpp, hp9k_3xx.cpp, kaypro.cpp: Initialized some variables which were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - mac.cpp: Correctly sync the main cpu to the via. Fixes the floppy writes, probably need to be propagated to other handlers [Olivier Galibert]. - mac128.cpp: Implement the PWM (NEW_IWM only), fix the via clocks superdrive: Hopefully implement the HD/DD detection [Olivier Galibert]. - news_r3k.cpp, pdp11.cpp, pt68k4.cpp, rm380z.cpp, sapi1.cpp: Initialized some variables which were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - sega_beena.cpp: Added ten entries and corrected pokebw scan sizes and checksums in 'sega_beena_cart.xml' [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]. - spectrum.cpp: Filled in year and publisher for many entries. Updated metadata for six entries in 'spectrum_cass.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - tandy1t.cpp, tk80bs.cpp, univac.cpp: Initialized some variables wich were causing incorrect behaviours in drvnoclear debug builds [Ivan Vangelista]. - Renamed, from version 0.222 to 0.230: (a2iwm_flop) to (a2iwm), (abc_db411223) to (abc_db4112), (apple_fdc) to (apple_fdcl), (bbc_microware) to (bbc_udm), (bbc_mrme00) to (bbc_dfse00), (beehive) to (dm3270), (cc7o) to (cc7a), (cdislave) to (cdislavehle), (cit101_hle_kbd) to (cit101_kbd), (czk80) to (ckz80), (duetpp) to (sporzpp), (fujitsu_29f016a) to (mbm29f016a), (fujitsu_29lv002tc) to (mbm29lv002tc), (g65c816) to (w65c816), (g7400) to (videopacp), (i2cmem) to (24c512), (mackbd) to (mackbd_m0110), (mc5843) to (mc6843), (nes_vt_soc) to (nes_vt02_vt03_soc), (nes_vt_soc_4k) to (nes_vt369_soc), (nes_vt_soc_4k_bt) to (nes_vtunknown_soc_bt), (nes_vt_soc_4k_cy) to (nes_vtunknown_soc_cy), (nes_vt_soc_4k_fp) to (nes_vt32_soc), (nes_vt_soc_4k_fp_pal) to (nes_vt32_soc_pal), (nes_vt_soc_8k_dg) to (nes_vtunknown_soc_dg), (nes_vt_soc_pal) to (nes_vt02_vt03_soc_pal), (nes_vt_soc_scram) to (nes_vt02_vt03_soc_scram), (nocto) to (nmicro2), (pdp1_printer_image) to (pdp1_typewriter_image), (rad_sf) to (rad_sf2p), (sc80) to (lc80e), (sfxchas) to (flash), (st2205) to (st2205u), (unkunsp) to (mapacman), (via6522) to (mos6522) and vtechtvs) to (vtechtvssp). - Added, from 0.222 to 0.230: 1 Mb Interface, 2C04 Clone PPU, a2RetroSystems Uthernet, ACB-2072 RLL Drive Controller, Acorn 16032 2nd processor (prototype), Acorn A500 2nd Processor, Acorn Archimedes Keyboard, Acorn IOC, Acorn Large 32016 2nd processor, Acorn MEMC, Acorn Music 500, Acorn Z80 2nd Processor (Winchester), Agat Keyboard, Alpha denshi ALPHA-8921, AMD Am2901B Bitslice Processor, Apple II Parallel Printer Interface Card, Apple IWM (Integrated Woz Machine) (legacy), Apple IWM controller, Apple SWIM1 (Sander/Wozniak Integrated Machine) version 1 floppy controller, Apple SWIM2 (Sander/Wozniak Integrated Machine) version 2 floppy controller, Apple SWIM3 (Sander/Wozniak Integrated Machine) version 3 floppy controller, Apple/Sony 3.5 DD (400/800K GCR), Apple/Sony 3.5 HD (Superdrive), Apple/Sony 3.5 SD (400K GCR), AppleCD 150, Apricorn Super Serial Imager, Aquarius 16K Memory Cartridge, Aquarius 16K+ Memory Cartridge, Aquarius 32K Memory Cartridge, Aquarius 4K Memory Cartridge, Aquarius C1541 DOS Interface, Aquarius Cartridge port, Aquarius Mini Expander, Aquarius Quick Disk, Aquarius ROM Cartridge, Aquarius SuperCart I Cartridge, Atari Jaguar Blitter, Atmel ATmega168, Atmel ATmega328, BaoBaoLong Handhelds LCD Controller, BaoBaoLong Handhelds Menu Controller, Beta Disk Plus clones, Blue Alpha Sound Sampler, CBI-95 Disk Interface, CCS Model 7710 Asynchronous Serial Interface, CIT-101e Keyboard, CIT-220+ Keyboard, CMS 6809 2nd Processor, CMS SCSI II Card, CoCo MIDI PAK, ColecoVision MegaCart, CS8900A Crystal LAN 10Base-T Ethernet MAC, CSI CAT28F020 Flash, Dallas Clock, Dallas DS1202 Serial Timekeeping Chip, Dallas DS80C320 HSM, DataBoard 4106 Minifloppy interface, DataBoard 4107 Winchester interface, DEC PC11 controller, DEC Qbus bus, DEC Qbus slot, Didaktik D40, Didaktik D80 (MDOS 1, 2793 FDC), Didaktik D80 (MDOS 2, 8272 FDC), Disto 1024K RAM Cartridge, Dragon MIDI PAK, DS1287 RTC, DS8874 LED Driver, Econet X25 Gateway Co-Processor, Elan EP3A19A System, Elan EPL43102 LCD Driver, Emerald Technology 3XTwin Twinax Emulation Card, Epson SED1278-0B LCD Controller, Epson SED1356, Epson SED1500 LCD Driver, Epson SED1501 LCD Driver, Epson SED1502 LCD Driver, Epson SED1503 LCD Driver, Epson SED1560 LCD Driver, EURO PC Keyboard, EXORterm 155 Terminal, EXORTERM155, F1 daisy chain abstraction, Fairchild 4702B Bit Rate Generator, First Byte Printer Interface, First Class Peripherals Sider 1 SASI Card, First Class Peripherals Sider 2 SASI Card, FloppyOne DOS Interface, FM Towns SCSI card slot, FMT-121 SCSI Card, FP-6000 Keyboard, Fujitsu MBM29DL164BD Flash, Fujitsu MBM29F160TE Flash, Fujitsu MBM29LV800B Flash, Gemini DataGem ROM Carrier, GeneralPlus GPL16250 (with direct SPI handling), GG X-Terminator, GRID2101_FLOPPY, GRID2101_HDD, GRID2102, HAL Labs Gizmo, HC-55532, Heath HE 191-3425 Keyboard, Hilderbay / Kempston Centronics S, Hitachi HD61202 LCD Driver, Hitachi HD641016, Hitachi HD6435368 (H8/536), HP IPC I/O Slot, HP IPC optional ROM, HP2640 tape subsystem, HP82919 card, HP98036 card, Hughes HLCD 0438 LCD Driver, Hybrid Music 3000 Expander, Hybrid Music 4000 Keyboard, Hybrid Music 5000 Synthesiser, Hybrid Technology Music System, Hyperscan controller HLE, Hyperscan RFID card, IBM PC RT Keyboard, IBM ROMP, IBM Rosetta, Informer 207/376 Keyboard (HLE), Informer 213 Keyboard (HLE), Intel 8344AH RUPI-44, Intel 87C51FA, Intel SA1111 Microprocessor Companion Chip, Intel XScale PXA250, Intel XScale PXA270, Intel XScale SA1110 Peripherals, JAFA Mode 7 Display Unit, Kempston Centronics E (flat), Kempston Centronics E (upright), Kempston Disc Interface, Kenda Professional DMFS, Logitek Proceed 1 Interface, M&R Enterprises SUP'R'TERMINAL, M24C02 I2C Memory, M68SFDC, Mac ADB HLE, Mac Sonora video support, Macintosh 128k/512k/Plus Keyboard Port, Macintosh Keyboard (British - M0110B), Macintosh Keyboard (French - M0110F), Macintosh Keyboard (Italian - M0110T), Macintosh Numeric Keypad (English - M0120), Macintosh Numeric Keypad (European - M0120P), Macintosh Plus Keyboard (French - M0110A F), Macintosh Plus Keyboard (Japanese - M0110A J), Macintosh Plus Keyboard (U.S. - M0110A), Mark 1 CPU, MD Serial EEPROM Mode 1, Microchip PIC17C43, Microchip PIC17C44, Micro-Decision Keyboard, MIDAS Gammadisk Interface, Mitsubishi M50753, MOS Technology 6512, Motorola MC68HC705C4A, Motorola MC68HC811E2, MSX Cartridge - Ink, N2A03 core with swapped D5/D6, National Semiconductor 32081 Floating-Point Unit, National Semiconductor COP452 frequency generator, National Semiconductor MM5799, National Semiconductor MM58174 RTC, Orange Micro Grappler+ Printer Interface, P.R.E.S. Advanced Plus 1, P.R.E.S. Advanced Plus 6, Pace RS423 Communications cartridge, Panasonic MN1880, PCD8572 I2C Memory, PCF8570 I2C Memory, PCF8573 RTC with Power Fail Detector, PCF8582 I2C Memory, Peartree Music 87 Synthesiser, Philips Mini DCR, Philips UCB1200 modem/audio codec, Philips UDA1344 Codec, Radio Shack Serial Printer, RC759 Keyboard (HLE), Ricoh N2A03 core, Ricoh RP2C33 (sound), Rockwell MM75, Rockwell MM76, Rockwell MM76E, Rockwell MM76EL, Rockwell MM76L, Rockwell MM77, Rockwell MM77L, Rockwell MM77LA, Rockwell MM78, Rockwell MM78L, Rockwell MM78LA, Rockwell R65C22 VIA, Rockwell R65NC22 VIA, Roland BU3905S R11-0006 Output Assigner, Roland MB63H114 Multiple Address Counter, Roland RF5C36 Sampler, Roland SA-16 Sampler, RS232 Synchronous I/O, RT PC I/O Channel Converter/Controller, RT PC keyboard connector, S D IDE Adapter, S.P.I. SAM Parallel Interface, SAA5240A EURO CCT, SAA5240B EURO CCT, SAA5243E EURO CCT, SAM Coupe ATOM HDD interface, SAM Coupe Drive Port, SAM Coupe Expansion Bus, SAM Coupe Internal Floppy, SAM Coupe Mouse Interface, SAM Coupe Mouse Port, SAMBUS 4-slot Expansion Interface, SAMDAC, Sanyo LC7985NA/LC7985ND LCD controller, SDI Interface, Sharp LoCoMo Peripheral, Sharp SCOOP peripheral interface, SID Master 99, SID Soundchip Interface (6581), SID Soundchip Interface (8580), Siemens SAB80C535, Sitronix ST2302U Integrated Microcontroller, SMC COM52C50 TIC, Solidisk 1770 DDFS Issue 1 FDC, Solidisk 1770 DDFS Issue 2 FDC, Solidisk 8271/1770 DFDC Issue 1 FDC, Sony CXD1180, Speccy-DOS Interface, Speech Systems Stereo Composer, Speech Systems Symphony Twelve, SPG290 CDServo HLE, SPG290 I2C, SPG290 PPU, SPG290 Timer, Sprow LCD Display, STmicro M95010 1kbit SPI EEPROM, STmicro M95020 2kbit SPI EEPROM, STmicro M95040 4kbit SPI EEPROM, SunPlus / GeneralPlus video rendering, Swift Disc II Interface, Swift Disc Interface, Tab E22 Keyboard (HLE), Tandy 1000 Keyboard, Tandy 2000 Keyboard HLE, TI-99/2 Expansion Port, TI-99/2 RAM Expansion 32K, Torch Hard Disc Pack, Torch SCSI Host Adaptor, Torch Z80 Communicator (Master), Torch Z80 Communicator (Model B), Torch Z80 Communicator (Model B+), Toshiba TMP96C141, TTI QTS-1 SCSI Host Adapter, V.Smile Gym Mat, Videopac 40 Cartridge, Videopac Service Test Cartridge, Videopac+ 60 Cartridge, Videopac+ C7420 Cartridge, Videopac+ KTAA Cartridge, Videx Uniprint Printer Interface, Voicebox, VT09 series System on a Chip (NTSC), VT369 series System on a Chip (with opcode swapping), VTxx series System on a Chip (Family Pocket), Watford SP-DOS Interface, WDC W65C22S VIA, WDC W65C802, WonderWitch, X24C01 I2C Memory, XOP APU, Z-29 Keyboard Port, Zilog Z86E02, ZN426E-8 DAC, ZX Lprint and ZX Lprint III devices. - 68bit added Motorola EXORterm 155 and Motorola M6800 EXORciser (M68SDT) machines. - AJR added Andrew Holme Mark 1 FORTH Computer manchine. - AJR, Bitsavers added C. Itoh Electronics CIT-101e Video Terminal machine. - Alexandre added VTech / Integrated Systems Inc. IQ Unlimited (Germany) machine. - algestam, Mr. Do added Telko / Nintendo Bassmate Computer machine. - algestam, Ryan Holtz added Nintendo Game & Watch: Popeye (Panorama Screen), Nintendo Micro Vs. System: Donkey Kong 3 and Nintendo Micro Vs. System: Donkey Kong Hockey machines. - Andreas Markusen, DBWBP added Roland HS-80 Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer machine. - anonymous added Radica / Sega Super Sonic Gold (Radica Plug & Play) (USA) machine. - anonymous, DBWBP added Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer machine. - bataais added Saitek Kasparov Simultano (ver. B) machine. - Berger added Fidelity Electronics Elite A/S Challenger (Budapest program, model EWC), Fidelity Electronics Elite A/S Challenger (Glasgow program, set 3), Hegener + Glaser Mephisto III (set 2), Hegener + Glaser Mephisto III (set 4), Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Polgar (v1.10), Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Portorose 32 Bit (v1.01), Novag Super Expert (version A, set 3) and Novag Super Forte (version C, v1.2) machines. - Berger, Achim added SciSys Superstar 36K machine. - Binary Dinosaurs, Nigel Barnes added Tantel AlphaTantel machine. - Bitsavers added Adacom CP-150 Plus, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich Ceres-1, Informer Informer 207/100, Informer Informer 213, International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 010, International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 015, International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 020, International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model 025, International Business Machines IBM RT PC Model A25, Lee Data 1220 Display Terminal, Micro-Term / Kurzweil Computer Products ERGO 201 (Special #9233), Qume QVT-82, Sym Systems / Torque Systems MBC020-65 CPU/Video Board (Torque Systems OEM), Tab Products E-22 Display Terminal and Zenith Data Systems Z-22 Terminal machines. - Bitsavers, AJR added Morrow Designs MDT 60 Video Display Terminal machine. - Bitsavers, Al Kossow added CIE Terminals CIT-101XL Video Display Terminal machine. - Carl, Alexander Kholodov added SM1810 machine. - ClawGrip added Indra / Amper Consola EMT machine. - ClawGrip, Sean Riddle, David Haywood added / Senca My Wico Guitar, Taikee / V-Tac Ordenador-TV (Spain) and WinFun Centro TV de Diseno Artistico (Spain) machines. - ClawGrip, Sean Riddle, David Haywood, ArcadeHacker added Taikee / Oregon Scientific / V-Tac Technology Co Ltd. Teléfono interactivo de TV (Spain) machine. - Corrado Tomaselli added Sony Trinitron Color Video Monitor BVM-20F1E machine. - David Haywood, Sean Riddle added Solar Games 80-in-1 (PAL), Virtual TV Soccer, LeapFrog Turbo Extreme (US), Macro Winners (Play Vision license) Wireless Tennis (PAL, Play Vision), Nice Code 6-in-1 Sudoku Plug & Play, Play Vision / Taikee / V-Tac Worldwide Casino Tour 12-in-1, Radica / Sega Mega Drive Collection Volume 2 (Radica, Arcade Legends) (UK), Radica / Sega Out Run 2019 (Radica Plug & Play, UK), Radica / Sega Super Sonic Gold (Radica Plug & Play) (UK) and Taikee World Soccer TV Game 10-in-1 (PAL) machines. - David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown added dreamGEAR / JungleTac Plug 'N' Play 50-in-1 (DGUN-853), dreamGEAR Plug 'N' Play 25-in-1 (DGUN-806), Excalibur / Nice Code The New York Times Sudoku, LeapFrog IQuest 4.0 (US), Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx 25-in-1 (VT03 hardware), WinFun / JungleTac Joypad 65 and WinFun / JungleTac Joystick 30 machines. - David Haywood, Sean Riddle, Kev (FBN), Kamaal Brown added / JungleTac Venturer '25 Games' 25-in-1, Beijue Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games 220-in-1 (Game Boy style case), dreamGEAR / JungleTac Plug 'N' Play 30-in-1 (DGUN-851), dreamGEAR / JungleTac Turbo GT 50-in-1, LeapFrog Zippity (US), Performance Designed Products (licensed by Taito / Data East) / JungleTac VG Pocket Caplet Fast Acting 35-in-1, RCA / JungleTac RCA NS-500 30-in-1, Senario / JungleTac 25 Video Games - All in 1 Video System (Senario), Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx 25-in-1 (SH6578 hardware), Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx TX-2 50-in-1, Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx Video Extreme 50-in-1 (with Speed Racer and Snood), Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx Wireless 77-in-1 and Senario 101 Games in 1 (Senario, NES/Famicom bootlegs) machines. - David Haywood, Sean Riddle, TeamEurope added 10 Jeux Interactifs / Jeux Pour Filles (France) machine. - David Haywood, Team Europe added Guitar Star (Europe, PAL), JAKKS Pacific Inc Power Rangers Super Megaforce Hero Portal, Ultimate Products Ltd. Zone 7-in-1 Sports (PAL), Xing Xing Wireless Interactive TV Game 'Wi TV Zone' 48-in-1 (Europe, PAL), LeapFrog Zippity (UK), Lexibook / JungleTac Lexibook JG7410 100-in-1, Lexibook / Sit Up Limited / Jungle's Soft Seal 30-in-1 (VT based, Model FN098134), Subor Sports and Dance Fit Games Mat D-555 (PAL) and Thumbs Up Mini Arcade Machine (Thumbs Up, 240IN1ARC) machines. - David Shah added CoolBoy RS-70 648-in-1, PCP PCP 8718 - HD 360 Degrees Rocker Palm Eyecare Console - 788 in 1 and PCP PCP 8728 - 788 in 1 machines. - Davide Cavalca added Next Software Inc NeXTcube machine. - DBWBP added Akai Electric MPC60 MIDI Production Center, Akai VX600 Programmable Matrix Synthesizer, Casio SK-10, Casio SK-2, E-mu Systems Carnaval - Jugando con Fuego, E-mu Systems Emax Digital Sampling Keyboard, E-mu Systems Emax II 16-Bit Digital Sound System, E-mu Systems Emax Plus Digital Sampling Keyboard, E-mu Systems Orbit 9090 - The Dance Planet, E-mu Systems Planet Phatt - The Swing System, E-mu Systems Pro/Cussion Maximum Percussion Module, E-mu Systems Proteus/1 16-Bit Multi-Timbral Digital Sound Module, E-mu Systems Proteus/1 XR 16-Bit Multi-Timbral Digital Sound Module, E-mu Systems Vintage Keys Classic Analog Keyboards, Generalmusic GEM RealPiano RP200, JoMoX XBase 09 Midi Controlled Analogue Drum Module, Kawai Musical Instrument Manufacturing SX-240 8-Voice Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer, Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing KSP10 Digital Piano, Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor, Korg microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder, Korg WaveStation A/D, Korg WaveStation EX, Korg WaveStation SR, Novation BassStation Rack Analogue Synthesizer Module, Novation Drum Station, Novation Super Bass Station, Roland Boss GX-700 Guitar Effects Processor, Roland Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor, Roland Boss SX-700 Studio Effects Processor, Roland JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer, Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet, Roland TR-505 Rhythm Composer and Yamaha DX11 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer machines. - Dirk Best added Informer Informer 207/376 machine. - Dirk Best, MattisLind added Informer Informer 213 AE machine. - Dirk Best, Tech Time Traveller added Insight Enterprises Z80 SBC (prototype?) machine. - Don Maslin Archive, AJR added GNAT Computers GNAT System 10 machine. - Edward d-tech, DBWBP, R. Belmont added Yamaha MU-5 machine. - emuboy85 added Thumbs Up Thumbs Up 240-in-1 Mini Arcade Machine machine. - Felipe Sanches added Sony BETACAM-SP Videocassette Player UVW-1200 RGB, Sony BETACAM-SP Videocassette Player/Recorder UVW-1600 RGB, Sony BETACAM-SP Videocassette Player/Recorder UVW-1800 RGB, Sony DFS-500 DME Video Switcher, Sony U-Matic Videocassette Recorder VO-5850PM and TecToy Pense Bem (2017) machines. - foone added Basic Fun Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Handheld) machine. - Frank Palazzolo added Grant Searle Simple 6502 Machine, Grant Searle Simple 6809 Machine, Grant Searle Simple CP/M Machine and Grant Searle Simple Z-80 Machine machines. - Gavin Scott, F. Ulivi added Hewlett-Packard HP 2641A machine. - gelotus added E-Game! 150-in-1 machine. - hap added Elektor AVR-Max Chess Computer (English), Elektor AVR-Max-Schachzwerg (German), Elektronika Autoslalom and Philips Videopac C52 (France) machines. - hap, Achim added Saitek Kasparov Simultano (ver. C) machine. - hap, anonymous added CXG Systems / Newcrest Technology Sphinx Commander (v2.00) machine. - hap, Berger added Novag Constellation Expert, Novag Super Nova (Novag, v1.05) and Saitek / Tandy Corporation Chess Champion 2150 machines. - hap, Berger, Achim added DataCash Systems / Staid CompuChess: The Second Edition, Fidelity Electronics Chess Challenger (model UCC10, 10 levels), Fidelity Electronics Mini Sensory Chess Challenger (1982 version), Fidelity Electronics The Gambit (1989 version), Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Junior (1982 version), Novag Micro Chess, SciSys / Intelligent Games Intelligent Chess, SciSys Chess Champion: Super System IV, SciSys Chess Companion and SciSys Chess Intercontinental Traveler machines. - hap, Sean Riddle added Fidelity Electronics Mini Sensory Chess Challenger (1981 version), Fonas Tri-1 (Fonas), Invicta Electronic Master Mind (Invicta), Invicta Super-Sonic Electronic Master Mind, Kmart Dr. Dunk, Kmart Dunk 'n Sunk, M.E.M. Belgium Memoquiz, Mattel Basketball (Mattel), Mattel Brain Baffler, Mattel Football 2 (Mattel), Mattel Funtronics: Tag, Mattel Hockey (Mattel), Mattel Horoscope Computer, Mattel Soccer (Mattel), National Semiconductor QuizKid Racer (MM5799 version), National Semiconductor QuizKid Speller, SciSys Mini Chess, Selchow & Righter Reader's Digest Q&A - Computer Question & Answer Game and Selchow & Righter Scrabble Sensor - Electronic Word Game machines. - hap, Sean Riddle, Kevin Horton, O. Galibert added Mattel World Championship Football machine. - hap, Sean Riddle, Rik added Entex Black Knight Pinball (Entex) and Tiger Electronics Sub Wars (LED version) machines. - Ian Bradbury added G2 Systems MasterPieCe 800 Series, G2 Systems MasterPieCe 900 Series and G2 Systems MasterPieCe 900GX Series machines. - jacaba added HKB-502 268-in-1 (set 1) and HKB-502 268-in-1 (set 2) machines. - jordigahan, ClawGrip, Dirk Best added Azkoyen Design D6 machine. - Jos Dreesen, Curt Coder added Professional Data Computer Clipper machine. - KaruzoHikari, TeamEurope, David Haywood added Ingo Devices SL / Senca Code Lyoko (25-in-1 handheld) machine. - Kevin Horton added Votrax/Phonic Mirror HandiVoice HC-110 and Votrax/Phonic Mirror HandiVoice HC-120 machines. - kludge added Gaming Tech Gaming Tech CT-885 machine. - Lord Nightmare added MGA Entertainment MIUCHIZ Virtual Companions machine. - maquinasdetabaco.com, Dirk Best added Azkoyen Design (Euro) machine. - Martin v.d. Steenoven added Radofin Aquarius II machine. - ne7! added DreamGear My Arcade Retro Machine 200-in-1 (DGUN-2577) and Red5 Mini Arcade Machine 240-in-1 (Red5) machines. - Nigel Barnes added Mattel Aquarius (PAL) and Tinsley Medical Instruments Henson CFA 3000 (B+) machines. - Nigel Barnes, Binary Dinosaurs, Centre for Computing History added The Open University Hektor II machine. - Nigel Barnes, Centre for Computing History added The Open University Hektor, Torch Computers Torch Model 301 and Torch Computers Torch Model 725 machine. - Pablo Marx added Apple Computer MessagePad, Apple Computer MessagePad 110, Apple Computer MessagePad 120, Apple Computer MessagePad 130, Apple Computer MessagePad 2000, Apple Computer MessagePad 2100, Apple Computer Newton Notepad (prototype), Motorola Marco and Sharp ExpertPad PI-7000 machines. - pascal_frigoriste added Lexibook Cyber Arcade 200-in-1 machine. - Patrick Mackinlay added Network Computing Devices MCX machine. - Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood, TeamEurope added Ultimate Products / TaiKee Plug 'N' Play Rockstar Guitar / Guitar Rock (PAL) machine. - Plamen Mihaylov, Patrick Mackinlay added Data General AViiON 4600, Facit DTC, NEC EWS4800/310 and Sony NWS-3860 machines. - Preservat!on Quest / Noah Bacon, Hubz added Epoch / SSD Company LTD Super PC TV (Epoch) machine. - R. Belmont, HIGHWAYMAN added Yamaha PSR-340 PortaSound machine. - rfka01 added DTK Group PC-XT-Clones with DTK/ERSO-BIOS, Inc. Corona PPC-21, Corona Data Systems, International Business Machines PS/1 2011, International Business Machines PS/1 2011 (international models with ROM DOS), International Business Machines PS/1 2121, International Business Machines PS/1 2121 (international models with ROM DOS), International Business Machines PS/1 2123, International Business Machines PS/1 2133, JUKO NEST 8088 and V20, Monotech NuXT, Monotech NuXT v2, NCR Class 3302 Model 0110, Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG 386SX System 40 (VGA), Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG Tower AT 201, 202, 220, 240 and 260 (286,EGA), Sergey Kiselev Micro 8088, Sergey Kiselev Sergey's XT and Sergey Kiselev Xi processor board machines. - Rik added Super Impulse Space Invaders (Tiny Arcade) machine. - Robbbert added Anakonda, Kharkovsky and Unga machines. - Ryan Holtz added Hewlett Packard Jornada 720, Linus Åkesson / kryo The Hardware Chiptune Project, Linus Åkesson Phasor and Linus Åkesson Power Ninja Action Challenge machines. - Ryan Holtz, O. Galibert added Sharp Zaurus SL-C500 machine. - Sean Riddle added Basic Fun Ms. Pac-Man (mini arcade), Basic Fun Pac-Man (mini arcade), dreamGEAR My Arcade Gamer V Portable Gaming System (DGUN-2573) (set 2, older), dreamGEAR My Arcade Pac-Man Pocket Player (DGUNL-3227), MSI / Arc System Works Double Dragon - 30 Years Anniversary (Plug & Play), MSI / Bandai Namco Ms. Pac-Man (MSI Plug & Play), MSI / Bandai Namco Namco Classics Vol.1 (3-in-1) (MSI Plug & Play), MSI / Capcom Mega Man 2 (MSI Plug & Play), MSI / Konami Frogger (MSI Plug & Play, white joystick), MSI / Taito Space Invaders (MSI Plug & Play), MSI WWE Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge (Plug & Play) (set 1) and MSI WWE Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge (Plug & Play) (set 2) machines. - Sean Riddle, ClawGrip added Radica / Sega Mega Drive Collection Volume 1 (Radica, Arcade Legends) (Europe) machine. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood added Virtual TV Ping Pong, BornKid Handheld Game Console BC-19 - 218 in 1, dreamGEAR My Arcade Gamer Mini 160-in-1 (DGUN-2953), dreamGEAR My Arcade Wireless Video Game Station 200-in-1 (DGUN-2572), I'm Game / Senca I'm Game! GP120 (Family Sport 120-in-1), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Child Guidance / Handheld Games Dora the Explorer - Dora Saves the Mermaids (Sharp Cookie) (PAL, UK), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Child Guidance / Handheld Games Scooby-Doo! and The Pirate's Puzzles (Sharp Cookie) (PAL, UK), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Child Guidance / Pronto Games Go Diego Go! - Aztec ABC Adventure (Sharp Cookie) (PAL, UK), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Child Guidance / Pronto Games The Amazing Spider-Man - Great Math Caper (Sharp Cookie) (NTSC, US), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Child Guidance / Pronto Games Thomas & Friends - Learning Circus Express (Sharp Cookie) (NTSC, US), LeapFrog Turbo Twist Brain Quest (US), LeapFrog Turbo Twist Fact Blaster (US), LeapFrog Turbo Twist Math (US), LeapFrog Turbo Twist Spelling (US), LeapFrog Turbo Twist Vocabulator (US), Macro Winners Game Sporz Wireless Boxing, Mattel Hot Wheels (2 player, pad controllers), NSI International / Mammoth Toys (Licensed by Hasbro) TV Board Games 3-in-1: Boggle, Connect 4, Roll Over, NSI International / Mammoth Toys (Licensed by Hasbro) TV Board Games 3-in-1: Silly 6 Pins, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Match 'em, NSI International / Mammoth Toys (Licensed by Hasbro) TV Board Games 3-in-1: Simon, Battleship, Checkers, NSI International / Mammoth Toys (Licensed by Hasbro) TV Board Games 6-in-1: Silly 6 Pins, Candy Land, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Match 'em, Mixin' Pics, Checkers, NSI International / Mammoth Toys (Licensed by Hasbro) TV Board Games 6-in-1: Simon, Battleship, Mouse Trap, Checkers, Link-a-Line, Roll Over, Orb Retro Handheld Console 152-in-1, Protocol Virtual Ping Pong (Protocol), Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx 10-in-1 Casino / Senario Card & Casino Games, Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx 17-in-1, Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx 5-in-1 Casino / Senario Card & Casino Games, Senario / JungleTac Vs Maxx 6-in-1 Casino / Senario Card & Casino Games, Senario Double Dance Mania: Mega 12, Tiger / SSD Company LTD U-Dance, TikTokTech Ltd. / 3T Games / Senario Moving Music (MM-TV110), Ultimate Products / Jungle's Soft Zone Fusion, Ultimate Products Ltd. / Waixing Reactor 32-in-1 (NTSC), Ultimate Products Ltd. / Waixing Zone Mini, VideoJet Kiu Games, VTech Dora the Explorer - Dora TV Adventure Globe, WinFun Guitar Buster and Zone Zone 3D machines. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous added Macro Winners / Waixing Zudu-go / 2udu-go machine. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous, Kev (FBN) added Senario Wireless Fitness / Dance Fit (Senario) machine. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Dave Silva added Macro Winners Game Sporz Wireless Duet Play Ping-Pong machine. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Kamaal Brown added Senario Double Dance Mania: Supreme / Dance Supreme and VTech Dora the Explorer - Dora TV Explorer Phone / Boots's Special Day machines. - Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Kev (FBN), anonymous added JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd Hannah Montana G2 Deluxe - All in One (JAKKS Pacific TV Game), JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd High School Musical G2 Deluxe - All in One (JAKKS Pacific TV Game), Radica / Capcom / Sega Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition [Ghouls'n Ghosts] (Radica, Arcade Legends) (USA) and Radica / Sega Genesis Collection Volume 2 (Radica, Arcade Legends) (USA) machines. - Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown added Basic Fun Fix It Felix Jr. (Mini Arcade) and Hasbro Palace Arcade machines. - Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown, David Haywood added Lexibook Toy Story 3 (Lexibook) and Senario Speed Racer (Senario) machines. - Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown, Ruairi added dreamGEAR My Arcade Data East Classics - Pixel Player (308-in-1) (DGUNL-3202) machine. - Sean Riddle, Kev (FBN), anonymous added dreamGEAR / Senca My Arcade Go Gamer Portable (Family Sport 220-in-1) machine. - Sean Riddle, Kitsune Sniper added JungleTac Vs Power Plus 30-in-1 and Lexibook Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man machines. - Sean Riddle, Recreativas.org added Sharp IQ-7000 machine. - Sean Riddle, TeamEurope added VTech TV Learning Station (VTech, Germany), VTech V.Smile Baby (France, with 'En Ville avec l'ourson Patoune'), VTech V.Smile Baby (France, with 'Winnie et ses amis dans la Foret des Reves Bleus') and VTech V.Smile Baby (Germany, with 'Puuhs Hundert-Morgen-Wald') machines. - Sean Riddle, TeamEurope, David Haywood added JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd Camp Rock Guitar Video Game (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) machine. - shattered added AT&T Blit machine. - Takashi Omoto, Sean Riddle added TimeTop Super Game 7-in-1 (TimeTop SuperGame) (PAL) machine. - Takashi Omoto, TeamEurope, David Haywood added NJ Pocket 60-in-1 handheld 'X zero' (NTSC), Portable Game Station 268-in-1 and unknown VT1682-based 101-in-1 handheld (PAL) machines. - TeamEurope added dreamGEAR My Arcade Data East Classics - Pixel Classic (308-in-1) (DGUNL-3201), Fizz Creations Arcade Classics Mini Handheld Arcade (Supreme 150), Fizz Creations Mini Arcade Console (Arcade 10-in-1), Jungle's Soft Mini Game Player 48-in-1, Lexibook Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Paw Patrol, Lexibook Lexibook Console Colour - Disney's Planes, Lexibook Lexibook Console Colour - Minnie Mouse, Millennium 2000 GmbH / Senca Millennium M505 Arcade Neo Portable Spielkonsole (Family Sport 100-in-1), MSI / Capcom / Sega Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition (MSI Plug & Play) (Europe), VTech InnoTAB 2 (UK) and VTech InnoTV machines. - TeamEurope, ClawGrip added Inc. AlphaSmart 3000, AlphaSmart machine. - TeamEurope, David Haywood added Retro Arcade 16 Bits Classic Edition Mini TV Game Console - 145 Classic Games - TV Arcade Plug and Play (Mega Drive bootlegs), Conny / VideoJet Dora l'exploratrice - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France), Conny / VideoJet PDC150 Tactile - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France), Conny / VideoJet PDC200 - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France), Conny / VideoJet PDC40 Tactile - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France), Conny / VideoJet PDC50 - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France), Conny / VideoJet Plug Play TV Games 2 (4-in-1) (VideoJet, France), IVL Technologies Easy Karaoke Groove Station, Lexibook Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Cars, Lexibook Marvel Avengers TV Game Console (32-bit) (Lexibook), Millennium 2000 GmbH / Senca Millennium M521 Arcade Neo 2.0 (Family Sport 220-in-1), Millennium 2000 GmbH Millennium Arcade 101 (M489) (Game Station 2 101-in-1), Millennium 2000 GmbH Millennium Arcade 250 (M527), Senario / Marathon - Mystery Animation Inc. Totally Spies! (France) and Venom TV Dance Mat 4 Games in 1 (Mix Party 3 / Dance Mix 3) machines. - TeamEurope, taizou added UNITI, BaoBaoLong Portable Game Player BBL-338 (BaoBaoLong, 48-in-1), dreamGEAR Digital Pocket Hand Held System 20-in-1 - Model 8213, HengSheng HengSheng 36-in-1 (Black pad), HengSheng HengSheng 36-in-1 (Red pad), Jungle's Soft Ultimate Pocket Console GM-235 and LexiBook / JungleTac / NiceCode Cyber Console Center 200-in-1 (JL2050) machines. - Tim Lindner added Tandy Radio Shack MCX-128 and DreamGear My Arcade Caveman Ninja machines. - Tim Schuerewegen added DreamGear My Arcade Caveman Ninja, Lexibook Cyber Arcade Pocket (JL1895) and Retro FC 400-in-1 machines. - Tony Jewell, Nigel Barnes added Defence Products Datacast Controller (The Stock Exchange) machine. - Triple Oxygen added Zeebo Inc. Zeebo (Brazil) machine. - Zup, TeamEurope added Lexibook Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - PJ Masks machine. - Zup, TeamEurope, Sean Riddle added dreamGEAR My Arcade Retro Micro Controller - 220 Built-In Video Games (DGUN-2869) machine. - 68bit added exorciser.cpp and exorterm.cpp driver. - AJR added adacp150.cpp, akaivx600.cpp, basssta.cpp, boss_se70.cpp, boss_sx700.cpp, braiplus.cpp, bvm.cpp, cit101xl.cpp, drumsta.cpp, emax.cpp, emu68k.cpp, ergo201.cpp, gem_rp.cpp, gnat10.cpp, kawai_ksp10.cpp, kawai_sx240.cpp, korgdvp1.cpp, korgws.cpp, lee1220.cpp, mbc020.cpp, mdt60.cpp, microkorg.cpp, mk1forth.cpp, mpc60.cpp, roland_jd800.cpp, roland_tr505.cpp, roland_tr909.cpp, xbase09.cpp, ymdx11.cpp and z22.cpp drivers. - AJR, Dirk Best added tabe22.cpp driver. - ClawGrip added alphasma3k.cpp driver. - David Haywood added easy_karaoke.cpp, elan_ep3a19a.cpp, generalplus_gpl_unknown.cpp, generalplus_gpl16250_rom.cpp, generalplus_gpl16250_romram.cpp, generalplus_gpl16250_spi.cpp, generalplus_gpl16250_spi_direct.cpp, generalplus_gpl162xx_lcdtype.cpp, innotv_innotabmax.cpp, leapfrog_iquest.cpp, megadriv_sunplus_hybrid.cpp, megadriv_vt_hybrid.cpp, nes_vt02_vt03.cpp, nes_vt09.cpp, nes_vt32.cpp, nes_vt369_vtunknown.cpp, vt_unknown.cpp, xavix_2000.cpp, xavix_2002.cpp and zeebo_qualcomm_adreno130.cpp drivers. - David Haywood, AJR added st2302u_bbl_rom.cpp driver. - David Shah added monkey_king_3b.cpp driver. - Dirk Best added consola_emt.cpp, design.cpp, iez80.cpp, informer_207_100.cpp, informer_207_376.cpp and informer_213.cpp drivers. - Felipe Sanches added betacam.cpp, dfs500.cpp, pensebem.cpp and umatic.cpp driver. - Frank Palazzolo added gs6502.cpp, gs6809.cpp, gscpm.cpp and gsz80.cpp driver. - hap added avrmax.cpp, fidel_msc.cpp, hh_pps41.cpp, novag_cexpert.cpp, novag_micro.cpp, novag_snova.cpp, saitek_ccompan.cpp, saitek_intchess.cpp, saitek_minichess.cpp and saitek_simultano.cpp drivers. - Jonathan Gevaryahu added miuchiz.cpp and votrhv.cpp driver. - Miodrag Milanovic, Robbbert added llc2.cpp driver. - Nigel Barnes added alphatan.cpp and datacast.cpp drivers. - Osso added wizard.cpp driver. - Patrick Mackinlay added aviion88k.cpp, ceres.cpp, ews4800.cpp, news_38xx.cpp and rtpc.cpp drivers. - R. Belmont added macprtb.cpp, macpwrbk030.cpp, macquadra700.cpp, ymmu5.cpp and ympsr340.cpp drivers. - R. Belmont, O. Galibert added macpdm.cpp driver. - Robbbert added ultim809.cpp driver. - Ryan Holtz added jornada.cpp, lft_chiptune.cpp and lft_phasor.cpp driver. - Sandro Ronco, hap added mephisto_academy.cpp driver. - Sean Riddle added hh_cops1.cpp driver. - Sergey Svishchev added blit.cpp driver.




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