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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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New in MESSInfo:
0.233: ====== - adam.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. - alto2_cpu: Fixed allocation widths for decoded ROMs, and removed a bunch of reinterpret_cast [Vas Crabb]. - apple2: proper behavior when nothing is connected to gameio. Fixes Total Replay, Gauntlet IIgs, and many others from falsely detecting a joystick [R. Belmont, Peter Ferrie]. Some correctness improvements to the Mockingboard support. Handle Bernie ][ .2MGs with the signature bytes flipped. [R. Belmont]. - apple2e: Match dot clock to CPU clock for PAL machines. PAL/SECAM models now have the correct CPU speed. Always allow writing to cards in slots 1-3, matches our previous behavior for 4-7 [R. Belmont]. - apple2gs.cpp: Moved 16-bit software out of apple2_flop_orig.xml and added latest dumps [4am, Firehawke]. - apple2gs: Fix some 3200 viewers that check the mouse button at $C024 [R. Belmont]. Correct vertical counter readback (GitHub #8156) [R. Belmont, Jeremy Rand]. - apple3: Support for the Titan "/// Plus II" Apple II emulation card [R. Belmont]. - bw2.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. - c128.cpp: Fix dangling reference to renamed software list [Vas Crabb]. - c64.cpp: Corrected year and publisher for several items in 'c64_cass.xml' [Steven Coomber]. - canon_s80.cpp: Add preliminary keyboard. Further key identification. Add the spacebar [AJR]. Remove "Canon" prefix from fullname for canons80 as well [hap]. - canons80: Changed description to 'S-80 (Canon) (electronic typewriter)'. - cbm2.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. - centronics: Added +5 V peripheral sense input signal (used by Epson QX-10) [Brian Johnson]. - channelf: BugFIX#08012 [Graphics] (channelf.cpp) channelf (and clones?): Fairchild Channel F runs at wrong resolution (c8192c8) [Nigel Barnes]. - coco: Added CoCo Max HI-RES input module. Add additional disk drives (#8135) [Tim Lindner]. - coco_fdc: Added 5.25" double density and 3.5" double density drive options [Tim Lindner]. - coco_ssc: Improved reset handling [Tim Lindner]. - coco12.cpp: Fix for MT 07305 [AJR]. - coco3.cpp: Improve timer calculation (#8223) [Tim Lindner]. - coco3: BugFIX#07475 [DIP/Input] (coco3.cpp) coco3: Joystick Buttons not working correctly from some ML games (5a33c5e) [Tim Lindner]. - dragon32, dragon64, dragon64h, dragon200, dragon200e: BugFIX#07305 [Sound] (dragon.cpp) DAC sound not working (9c002bd) [AJR]. - enmirage: Changed description to 'Mirage DMS-8'. Improved emulation of Ensoniq Mirage (still not working, but can load and play samples). Fixed and updated to load and play via MIDI, panel controls hooked up [Tim Lindner]. - es5503: Register 0xE0 bits 0 and 6 should always read high [Tim Lindner]. - feleg: Changed description to 'Elegance Chess Challenger (model 6085)'. - fmtowns.cpp: Fix missing controller return value and cdda status [cracyc]. - fmtowns: Make sure programs can't override the sprite page. Make the timer actually run. Slightly change sprite timing and status bits and fix layer offset. Clamp the sprites to the sprite coordinate space rather than the layer size [cracyc] - geneve: Fixed HFDC hangs on not connected drives; allows timed steps for sector i/o instead of buffered steps only [Michael Zapf]. - hd6120: Prevent PEX from changing AC [AJR]. - hd61830: Fix cursor in d2 [cracyc]. Fixed character blink mode. When Cursor=Off and Blink=On, the controller is in "Character Blink" mode, according to the data sheet. This means that the character cell at the the position of the cursor is turned fully ON at a 50% blink duty cycle. Verified on a device with a real HD61830 (Atari Portfolio) [Jaen Saul]. - hd63450: Unhalt cpu if a dma bus error occurs. Start handling bus errors. Speed up max rate transfers. Add linked array chaining [cracyc]. - hp48.cpp: Fix regression from auto_alloc changes [Aaron Giles]. - i82586: Various fixes: Send fcs in loopback mode. Don't store fcs in memory. Don't consume descriptors for bad frames [Patrick Mackinlay]. - ibm5170: Added a software list for pre-installed operating system images in 'ibm5170_hdd.xml' [Davide Cavalca]. - ibmpcjr: Fix cpu clock [cracyc]. - indigo.cpp: Added indigo4k boot PROM version 4.0.5G revision B as BIOS option [Henry Bent, Davide Cavalca]. Add new ROM revision for indigo4k [Davide Cavalca]. - indy_indigo2.cpp: Added _hdd suffix to all softlist entries to prevent conflicting with the SGI CD-ROM softlist entries when both are present on a local drive [Ryan Holtz]. - innotab2: Add some dumped data to the innotab2 driver, split from storio [Sean Riddle]. - jak_capb: Move jak_capb plunger to analog channel 3 [David Haywood]. - jupace: Fixed bug that crashes messui when snapshot used [Robbbert]. - leonardo: Use input_merger for stb [hap]. - ltleappad: Added German ltleappad BIOS [Team Europe, Sean Riddle]. - lxccminn: Changed description to 'Console Colour - Minnie Mouse'. - lxccplan: Changed description to 'Console Colour - Disney's Planes'. - lxcmc250: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - 250-in-1 (JL2375)'. - lxcmcy: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade'. - lxcmcycr: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - Cars'. - lxcmcydp: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - Disney Princess'. - lxcmcyfz: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - Frozen'. - lxcmcypj: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - PJ Masks'. - lxcmcypp: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - Paw Patrol'. - lxcmcysp: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man'. - lxcmcysw: Changed description to 'Compact Cyber Arcade - Star Wars Rebels'. - mac.cpp: Attached the software list to appropriate machines, and started adding stuff in 'mac_hdflop.xml' [r09, WinWorld, rockleevk]. - mbee.cpp: Added optional SN76489A, works with '128pepsgmod' sw-item. Make floppy sw-items show up by default. Fixed compatibility for mbeepp. Fixed bug with telcom bankswitching. Use select. Prepare for new software list [Robbbert]. - mbee: Removed busycalc roms due to dependencies in 'mbee_cart.xml'. Changed description to 'Microbee 16k Standard'. Added rom slot for the net rom [Robbbert]. - mbee128: Fixed crash with tantrix disk [Robbbert]. - mbee56: Changed description to 'Microbee 64k'. - mbeeic: Changed description to 'Microbee 32k IC'. - mbeepc: Changed description to 'Microbee 32k Communicator'. - mbeepp: Changed description to 'Microbee Premium Plus+'. - mc10.cpp: Converted expansion port to slot device and removed fake machines [Tim Lindner]. - mc68681: Wait until transmitter is actually empty to set TxEMT [AJR, Bitsavers]. - midiin: Add support for providing a .mid file as input [Aaron Giles]. - mm5: Changed description to 'Mephisto MM V (v5.1)'. - mm5a: Changed description to 'Mephisto MM V (v5.0)'. - mpc60: Add v1.12 program and voice ROMs [DBWBP]. - neogeo.cpp: Set initial state of audionmi AND gate [hap]. - nes.cpp: Added eleven entries, replaced several entries with verified dumps, and corrected metadata in 'nes.xml' [quasiscroto]. Added several entries, and corrected metadata in 'nes.xml' [Hidden Palace, No-Intro, Skrybe, Stephan Reese, quasiscroto]. - newbrain.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. - ns32202: Fix register masks [Patrick Mackinlay]. - osa_maestro: Latest official version for default 'bios' [hap]. - pce: BugFIX#07986 [Media Support] (pce.cpp) dragnegg: [pce] dragnegg: marked as not supported, but works (3ea04a3) [thankyoumame]. - pce.cpp: Rename "TourVision" to "TourVisión" As "TourVisión" is used on the carts, cab and printed ads. Removed zero offsets from ROM load commands [ClawGrip]. - pet.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. - plus4.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. - pofo.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. Improved control register 0x8051 emulation. Fixed external drive B: detection. Implemented magic port 0x61. Fixed RAM expander reads. Fixes multiple keys being pressed simultaneously. Converted keyboard to device. Fixed RAM expander reads and improved I/O emulation [jaens]. - psr60: Machine promoted to working [R. Belmont, Aaron Giles]. Figured out more YM2154 including start/end and more realistic timer computations. Add internal layout. Hook up LEDs and buttons.Use output finders. Implement keys as a matrix. Document/flesh in the YM2154 rompler and the DRVIF chip. Rhythms now tick away and trigger samples, though we will have to wait for a ROM dump to hear them [Aaron Giles]. - psr70: Machine promoted to working [R. Belmont, Aaron Giles]. Add internal layout for PSR-70 [Aaron Giles]. - qx10: Add centronics printer port (#8034) [Brian Johnson]. - renaissa: Use input_merger for stb [hap]. - rtc65271: Allow NVRAM to be initialized with default data from memory region [Windy Fairy]. Allow for default nvram data initialization using external data [987123879113]. - rtvgc300: Changed description to 'Retro TV Game Console - 300 Games'. - rtvgc300fz: Changed description to 'Retro TV Game Console - Frozen - 300 Games'. - rx78.cpp: Fixed regression when there's no cart in [Robbbert]. - rx78: Fixed text in senemy. Added irq control - fixes most remaining bugs. Improved colours [Robbbert]. - sega315_5124: Fix color in SMS1 VDP(315-5124). Add hardware notes (#7855) [cam900]. - storio: Update notes in 'vtech_storio_cart.xml' [David Haywood]. - super80.cpp: Added some notes; zipzap tapes had no sound, so replaced with working copies in 'super80_cass' [Robbbert]. - swim1, swim2, swim3: Fixed bugs linked to device selection [Olivier Galibert]. - tek410x.cpp: Add keyboard [AJR, Bitsavers]. - tek4404: Start adding memory management [AJR]. - tek440x.cpp: Hook up 410X keyboard to pass boot test [AJR, Bitsavers]. - trs80, trs80m3: Sound-related improvements [Robbbert]. - tx81z: Machine promoted to working [AJR, Aaron Giles]. Add internal layout [Aaron Giles]. - vectrex: Updated comment [Robbbert]. - vic10.cpp, vic20.cpp: Eliminate bus tag macros and legacy lookups; use finder arrays in some places [AJR]. - vic1001: Replaced bad dump of sargon2. Previous dump hangs since the last byte is $01 instead of $A0. The code does not RTS and continues straight to BASIC in $C000 hanging the CPU in 'vic1001_cart.xml' [David Viens]. - vme_slot: Modernize slot device code and eliminate deprecation warnings; actually propagate slot number [AJR]. - vtech1.cpp: Sound-related improvements [Robbbert]. Rework expansion bus emulation. Use memory taps instead of directly installing into the memory map. Use address_maps to specify address ranges. Add missing save states. Support the BennVenn SD Loader (preliminary). Move lightpen skeleton to a device [Dirk Best]. Add floppy formats and fs [Olivier Galibert]. - x68k.cpp: Treat the nibbles in 8bit color mode as two separate planes. Seems pcg can set it's own vertical freq apart from the crtc. Adjust special priority mode and screen timings hd63450: correctly add link chain mode. Fill screen with color 0 if pcg disabled and make text color 0 transparent again. Fix 512 line double scan modes. Color 0 is only transparent if the crtc is not set for 16bit color mode [cracyc]. - xerox820.cpp: Use memory view for bankswitching [AJR]. - ym3806: Changed description to 'YM3806 OPQ'. - ympsr60.cpp: Update to use real ROM data. Add filters around BBD. Fix sustain behavior. Adjust volume range and defaults a bit. Fix BBD connections and behavior, use the cv callback to control the frequency. Fleshed out the PSR60/PSR70 drivers: Split YM2154 into a separate device. Created fake YM2154 ROMs as placeholders. Created new BBD sound device in src/devices/sound/bbd.cpp. Created new mixer device in src/devices/sound/mixer.cpp. Connected YM2154 and BBD devices. Approximated BBD driver behavior. Exposed analog sliders as adjusters (accessible via ` menu). Added sliders to layout and animated them [Aaron Giles]. - ymtx81z.cpp: Leave LCD color up to the (internal) artwork [hap]. - z80pio: Changing the vector neither enables nor causes an interrupt. Fixes crash in mbee256 when F2 pressed [Robbbert]. - z80scc_channel: Implement local loopback [Patrick Mackinlay]. - zippity: Moved games’ serial numbers to their own info elements in 'leapfrog_zippity_cart.xml' [ClawGrip]. - Removed (alice128) and (mcx128) machines. - anonymous added JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment Dreamworks Movie Night (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Apr 24 2006, test program), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment Dreamworks Movie Night (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Oct 18 2006, prototype), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment Star Wars - Original Trilogy (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, prototype), JAKKS Pacific Inc / Amaze Entertainment X-Men - Mutant Reign (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, prototype) and JAKKS Pacific Inc / Griptonite Games Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith (JAKKS Pacific TV Game, Game-Key Ready, prototype) systems. - Berger added Fidelity Electronics Elegance Chess Challenger (model AS12) system. - David Haywood added LeapFrog Leapster Explorer system. - DBWBP added Casio SK-5, Hohner ADAM Advanced Digital/Analog Musical Instrument, Yamaha AN1x Control Synthesizer, Yamaha DX100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer and Yamaha SY35 Music Synthesizer systems. - hap, Sean Riddle added Lexicon LK-3000 and Sinclair Radionics Cambridge Programmable systems. - rfka01 added Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC w/BiCom Graphics system. - Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown and David Haywood added Tech2Go / One Man Band Codename: Kids Next Door - Operation: P.L.U.G.G.U.H.S. system. - Sean Riddle, taizou added Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade TV - 120 in 1 (JL2370) system. - Svenska, rfka01 and Carl added Philips :YES system. - Added "5.25" single-sided single density VTECH floppy drive, Atari Portfolio keyboard, BennVenn SD Loader, CoCo Max HI-RES input module, CoCo WordPak, CoCo WordPak 2+, CoCo WordPak II, CoCo WordPak RS, Dallas DS6417 CyberCard, Darren Atkinson's MCX-128 cartridge, Darren Atkinson's MCX-128 cartridge (Alice ROM), Dragon MSX 2+, Dragon Multi-Pak Interface, Dragon Peaksoft Prestel Module, Generic Audio Mixer, Hitachi HD6435348 (H8/534), Hitachi HD6475208 (H8/520), Hitachi HD6475328 (H8/532), Hitachi HD6475368 (H8/536), Lark Associates LRK-331 ESDI Controller, MC-10 Cartridge Slot, MC-10 Program PAK, MN3004 BBD, MN3005 BBD, MN3006 BBD, MN3204P BBD, National Semiconductor 32082 Memory Management Unit, NES Cart Sealie RET-CUFROM PCB, NES Cart Sealie UNROM 512 PCB, Panasonic JU-363 Flexible Disk Drive, Radio Shack 16K RAM Cartridge, Super A'Can Audio, Tektronix 410X Standard Keyboard (119-1592-01), The Dragon's Claw, Titan /// Plus //, YM2154 (RYP4) and YM3533 OPQ devices. - AJR added hohnadam.cpp, yman1x.cpp, ymdx100.cpp and ymsy35.cpp drivers. - Carl added yes.cpp driver. - David Haywood added leapfrog_leapster_explorer.cpp and vtech_innotab.cpp drivers. - hap added lk3000.cpp driver.




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