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As for the MAME, is also now available for MESS the dat file that allows you to follow version after version, all changes and additions made to the all various systems emulated.
If you find any inaccuracies or typographical errors please let me know by sending an e-mail to this address:
The file is also and above all to give credit to all people who conceived and carried out this wonderful project.

: Since version 0.166 the file should be placed in the "/Dats" folder.

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New in MESSInfo:
0.264: ====== - a800: Add Atari CX85 Numeric Keypad to controller port options [AJR]. - adds2020: Move into adds\ folder [Dirk Best]. - apple2gs: BugFix#08736: [DIP/Input] (apple/apple2gs.cpp) apple2gs: Joystick buttons are ignored [Kelvin Sherlock]. - ati_vga: Changed description to 'ATi VGA i/f'. - ban_onep: Changed description to 'Let's! TV Play One Piece Punch Battle (Japan)'. - accord, ccmk1, ccmk2, ccmk2a, cexpert, cfortea, cforteb, const, const36, const36a, constjr, constq, diablo68, diablo68a, mentor16, nmicro, nmicro2, nprimo, nsnova, nsvip, nsvipa, nsvipb, nsvipc, robotadv, savant, savant2, sexperta, sexperta1, sexperta2, sexpertb, sexpertc, sexpertc1, sexpertc2, sfortea, sfortea1, sfortea2, sforteb, sfortec, sfortec1, ssensor4, supercon, supremo: Changed manufacturer to 'Novag Industries'. - ccmk1: Changed manufacturer to 'bootleg (Novag Industries)'. - ccdelta1, chesstrv, cp2000, ssystem3:Changed manufacturer to 'SciSys / Novag Industries'. - clgd5428, clgd5430, clgd5446: Changed description to 'Cirrus Logic GD5428 VGA i/f'. - cpc_ssa1: Simplify sp0256 lrq/sby pin read, sp0256: when callbacks are used, add bg timer like sp0250 does [hap]. - dec_rs232_loopback: Changed description to 'RS-232 Loopback (DEC 12-15336-00)'. - europc_kbd: Get rid of UTF8_* macros [AJR]. - h8: Fix addx8/subx8 H flag when C=1. Fix absolute address bst/bist opcode IMM data. Don't save the mode settings, move mac_saturating var to h8s2600 and hook it up. Digital I/O ports are 8bit (probably leftover from when they were in AS_IO address map). Add more variables to savestate, h8_intc: fix issue with multiple pending edge triggered irq. Add internal ROM to address map for some h8 devices. Add h8s/2319 family, make 2320 (now renamed to 2329) a subdevice. Add basic support for h8/3217, h8_watchdog: clock divider table was the wrong way around [hap]. Correct typo with dasm abs16 [Olivier Galibert]. - h8_intc: Don't detect an nmi at power-on when initial pin state is 'ASSERT_LINE', h8_timer: prevent multiple interrupts when timer wasn't clocked [hap]. - h8_sci: Suppress SCK transition at end of transmit sequence, yet again [AJR]. Fix sync transmissions. Entirely revise clocking [Olivier Galibert]. - h8_timer16: Remove IRQ check from recalc_event for software that polls the timer irq flags with interrupts disabled, big performance drop for mu100 unfortunately [hap]. - h8_timer8_channel: Remove unneeded timer_tick function, mastmind: replace internal artwork hacky V with checkmark icon [hap]. - h8_watchdog: Improve overflow flag reset [hap]. - h83337: Add readback of wscr and stcr [hap]. - hcd62121: Improved emulation and fixed issues with debugger. Implemented additional move instructions and timer wait. Added an infinite timer variant, (seems to be used with the low power-variant of timer_wait). Fixed timer so that it expires on KO enabled key input. Fixed swap flags - they are always cleared regardless of values. Implemented more instructions tested on hardware. Implemented the TIME register. Fixed register accesses from the debugger [QUFB]. - i386: Handle double and triple faults [cracyc]. - i82371sb: Fix PIC mapping [Angelo Salese]. - icm3216: Add SCSI controller [Patrick Mackinlay]. - lilprof: Changed description to 'Little Professor (1978 version)'. - matrox_vga: Changed description to 'Matrox MGA2064W VGA i/f'. - mc10: Added partial emulation of the Alice Multiports Extension (only RAM/ROM features emulated) [Sylvain Glaize]. - mc68000: Add monitor ROM V1.43 [mister-freeze]. - mc6845: Restore support for zero active width/height configuration. Avoid writing to bitmap when DE is disabled. Re-added zero active width/height support; suppress drawing when DE is not asserted [Mark Garlanger]. - mentor16: Add LCD vertical layout to artwork [hap]. - mg1: Add hard disk controller [Patrick Mackinlay]. - mrangbat: Changed description to 'Let's! TV Play Mahou Taiketsu Magiranger - Magimat de Dance & Battle (Japan)'. - mt440: Add gfxdecode, note possible bad dump [Dirk Best]. - ncr5385: Changed description to 'NCR 5385 SCSI Protocol Controller'. Tolerate slow targets. Single byte transfers. Initial NSCSI implementation [Patrick Mackinlay]. - null_modem: Changed description to 'RS-232 Null Modem'. - nvip: Changed manufacturer to 'Novag Industries'. - odyssey2: Correct 0xc00-0xfff rom mirroring [hap]. - okim6258: Small cleanup [hap]. - osa_analyst: Changed description to 'Saitek OSA Analyst'. - osa_maestro: Changed description to 'Saitek OSA Maestro B-D'. - osa_maestroa: Changed description to 'Saitek OSA Maestro A'. - osa_sparc: Changed description to 'Saitek OSA Sparc'. - pc532: Add floating-point unit [Patrick Mackinlay]. - plg1x0_connector: Changed description to 'PLG1x0 extension connector'. - poembase: Changed description to 'Nekketsu Pawapuro Champ (Japan)'. - psr340: Finish the LCD, add the NVRAM [Olivier Galibert]. - pvga1a_vga: Changed description to 'Paradise Systems PVGA1A i/f'. - rm380z34d: BugFix#06483: [Original Reference] (rm/rm380z.cpp) rm380z34d: COS 3.4 systems boot to debugger [Robin Sergeant]. - rm380z34e :BugFix#06483: [Original Reference] (rm/rm380z.cpp) rm380z34e: COS 3.4 systems boot to debugger [Robin Sergeant]. - rs232_loopback: Changed description to 'RS-232 Loopback'. - rs232_sync_io: Changed description to 'RS-232 Synchronous I/O'. - s3_764: Remove non-existant VIRGE/VIRGEDX ISA cards [Angelo Salese]. - s3_86c764_vga: Changed description to 'S3 86c764 Trio64 VGA i/f'. Separate Vision864/964/968 from Trio64, fix SDD UVCONFIG.EXE detection. Fix -validate. Fix start address shift in extended video mode, fix heavy przonegd flicker and SDD scroll tests [Angelo Salese]. - scn2674: Fixed row table addressing mode as per documentation [Miodrag Milanovic]. - scorpio68: Changed manufacturer to 'Novag Industries'. Small update to internal artwork [hap]. - scprof: Small tweak to svg [hap]. - sh7042: Start introducing the interrupts [Olivier Galibert]. - sis5513_ide: housecleaning [Angelo Salese]. - sis6236_vga: Changed description to 'SiS 6236 VGA i/f'. - sis85c496: Fix PIC and RTC mapping. Add int pin mapper [Angelo Salese]. - sis950_lpc: Replace PS/2 controller back to LLE. Resolve hangs described in PR #11797 by using a microsoft serial mouse [Angelo Salese]. - sn74s262: Added hand-crafted character generator ROM based on datasheet [Robin Sergeant]. - sp0256: Remove reset lrq timer workaround that was added there for odyssey2 killer bees. Bad luck: everything o2 works same as before except turtlesu, instead of failing to detect The Voice only sometimes, now it happens more commonly. Not due to the removed timer, but actually the stream updates before accessing I/O which should be more accurate [hap]. - spi_sdhccard, spi_sdv2card: Implemented send CSD command for SD 2.x cards [holub]. - t11: Improved trace trap processing, and added basic interrupt processing to the K1801VM1 [shattered]. - tek4132: Add SCSI and DMA controller [Patrick Mackinlay]. - tmp68301: Add parity tx support [Olivier Galibert]. - trident_vga: Changed description to 'Trident TGUI9860 VGA i/f'. - tseng_vga: Changed description to 'Tseng Labs ET4000AX VGA i/f'. - tvga9000_vga: Changed description to 'Trident TVGA9000 VGA i/f'. - virge_pci: Claim dms3d2kp ROM as virgedx from isa/svga_s3 [Angelo Salese]. - vp60: Move into adds\ folder [Dirk Best]. - wd90c00_vga: Changed description to 'Western Digital WD90C00 "PVGA1B" VGA i/f'. - wd90c11a_vga: Changed description to 'Western Digital WD90C11A "PVGA1C" VGA i/f'. - wd90c30_vga: Changed description to 'Western Digital WD90C30 "PVGA1D" VGA i/f'. - wd90c31_vga: Changed description to 'Western Digital WD90C31 VGA i/f'. - wd90c33_vga: Changed description to 'Western Digital WD90C33 VGA i/f'. - apple2e.cpp: Correctly reset IOU soft switches on system reset [xotmatrix]. - atom.cpp: Pull XTAL definitions out of header; add FDC clock. Miscellaneous small updates [AJR]. - cfx9850.cpp: Improved emulation and fixed issues with debugger. Adjusted palette to better match screenshots in the manual. Fixed CFX9850GB display RAM mapping - this one doesn't write to segment 0x60 [QUFB] - ez2d.cpp: Fix validation [Angelo Salese]. - fmtowns.cpp: Metadata cleanup in 'fmtowns_cd.xml': Fixed cloneof relationships. "mbomberd" cloneof "mbomber" "mmorphd" cloneof "mmorph" "psydetf2d" cloneof "psydetf2" "psydet2d" cloneof "psydet2" / "psydet2r" cloneof "psydet2" "psydet1r" cloneof "psydet1" "psydet3r" cloneof "psydet3" "psydet4d" cloneof "psydet4" / "psydet4r" cloneof "psydet4" "psydet5r" cloneof "psydet5" "sherlockd" cloneof "sherlock" "simfarmd" cloneof "simfarm" "chasehqd" cloneof "chasehq" "dagaind" cloneof "dagain" "wyattd" cloneof "wyatt". Lowercase on descriptive words. Lowercase on descriptive words ("Demo") "indycrusd" cloneof "indycrus". Marked demos as clones and use lowercase for descriptive text in descriptions in 'fmtowns_cd.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - freedom200.cpp: Use swapable idiom on the off chance someone implements swap for rgb_t [Vas Crabb]. Support reverse video. freedom220_kbd: Support buzzer, clean up [Dirk Best]. - gp32.cpp: Metadata cleanups. Replaced countries abbreviations by their full name. Moved test comments to notes tag and replaced abbreviations in descriptions and moved some comments to notes elements in 'gp32.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - h8.cpp: h8_adc: 2320 ADCR CKS1 is on bit 3, correct typo, h8s2320: does not have ICR registers, h8_intc: remove unneeded trampolines (maybe a leftover from the past when emumem didn't support it) [hap]. h8h: Fix rte in normal mode. Fix N flag with exts opcode, h8h: fix regression with jsr abs8i, h8h: fix bst abs16 opcode [hap]. - h89.cpp: Added missing conditions to some Ultimeth MTRHEX-2k DIP switch settings. Also aligned DIP switch locations and conditions [Mark Garlanger]. - mac128.cpp: Refine compatibility class for Mac OS 7.6.x to note that a 32-bit clean 68020 (original LC) is compatible in 'mac_cdrom.xml' [R. Belmont]. - mdconsole.cpp: Added HeartBeat PGA Tour Golf II [Vas Crabb]. Also changed "SegaNet" to "Sega Game Toshokan" and "16 Ton" to "16t" in descriptions in 'megadriv.xml' [ICEknight]. - msx2.cpp: Added a software list for MSX2+ cartridges (msx2p_cart.xml) with three items (two working). Software list is not currently attached to any systems [Wilbert Pol]. - pc1512.cpp: Changed interface to match the ISA Fixed Disk Controller card used in the pc1512hd20 in 'pc1512_hdd.xml' [einstein95]. - pcipc_sis.cpp: Replace svga_et4k default map with wd90c31_lr. Preliminary W83787F Super I/O core; machine/sis85c496: add ISA irq pins. Port mtouchxl BIOS variant to sis85c496 [Angelo Salese]. - psx.cpp: Added compatibility filters for CD software list [Vas Crabb]. - qmsirius.cpp: Miscellaneous small updates [AJR]. - qtsbc.cpp: Replace Laguna 3d experiment with Voodoo Banshee card [Angelo Salese]. - rm380z.cpp: Use SN74S262 for VDU-40 COS 3.4; video/sn74s263.cpp: Added ROM based on data sheet. Use SN74S262 as the VDU-40 COS 3.4 character generator. Also cleaned up drawing code. Fixed disk drive handling so double sided disks work added 8" disk support. Changed /M firmware variants to use double-sided 5.25" drives. Changed /F firmware variants to use double-sided 8" drives. Fixed side select signal connection. Fixed addressing for floppy control I/O functions. Fixed 8" disk controller clock frequency and improved VDU-80 display. Support VID INHIB bit and clear attributes on character write. Added support for high resolution graphics, colour and text character dimming. Fixed MT06483 by making empty ROM areas read high (0xff). Also refactored the code to better align with current practices. Added sound output for COS 4.0 systems. Add sound for COS 4.0 (#12149) [Robin Sergeant]. - scv.cpp: Added cartridge RAM to BASIC Nyuumon to make it work properly in 'scv.xml' [TWEgit]. - sis630.cpp: More BIOS notes. Initial implementation for IT8705F Super I/O [Angelo Salese]. - snes.cpp: Use lowercase for descriptive text. Metadata cleanups. Lowercase on descriptive words ("Bad Header", "Hacked", "Alt", etc...) in 'snes_bspack.xml' [ArcadeShadow]. - spectrum.cpp: Added 41 items (40 working) in 'spectrum_cass.xml'. Also corrected metadata with information from Spectrum Computing [ArcadeShadow]. - tek440x.cpp: #include local headers first, etc. [Vas Crabb]. Update comments. Add MSU floppy drive device [Patrick Mackinlay]. - xavix.cpp: Hooked up controls for tomplc and tcarnavi, and promoted them to working. Also increased tomplc CPU clock frequency to 43MHz (avoids crashes). Corrected years for a couple of games [David Haywood]. - Renamed (plg100_connector) to (plg1x0_connector), (s3_vga) to (s3_86c764_vga) and (sis630_svga) to (sis6236_vga) devices. - Renamed (yeno_301xl.cpp) to (301xl.cpp) and (yeno_532xl.cpp) to (532xl.cpp) drivers. - Removed (dms3d2kp), (h8_adc_2320), (s3virge) and (s3virgedx) devices. - Removed (lilprofa) machine. - AJR added skeleton\qmquasar.cpp driver. - Angelo Salese added sega\stvdev.cpp driver. - Devin Acker added misc\jaminator.cpp driver. - Dirk Best added visual\xds.cpp, visual\v50.cpp and adds\4000_260.cpp drivers. - hap added novag\sdiamond.cpp, chess\excal_mirage.cpp, chess\excal_ivant.cpp, saitek\chessac.cpp and yeno\416xl.cpp drivers. - Olivier Galibert added yamaha\ympsr2000.cpp driver. - QUFB added casio\pickytlk.cpp driver. - R. Belmont added roland\roland_sc55mk2.cpp and roland\roland_d70.cpp drivers. - AJR added 'Atari CX85 Numeric Keypad' device. - Angelo Salese added 'Cirrus Logic GD5446 card', ITE IT8705F LPC Super I/O', National Semiconductor W83787F Super I/O Enhanced Sidewinder Lite', Promise PDC20262 FastTrak66 EIDE controller', S3 86C864 Vision864', S3 86c864 Vision864 VGA i/f', S3 86C964 Vision964', S3 86C968 Vision968', S3 86c968 Vision968 VGA i/f', SiS 630 VGA i/f', SiS 6326 AGP card' and Yamaha PLG150-AP' devices. - Devin Acker added 'Texas Instruments CF61909 (DEVO)' device. - Dirk Best added 'Visual 50 Keyboard' and XDS Keyboard (HLE)' devices. - hap added 'H8/2319 ADC', Hitachi H8/3202', Hitachi H8/3212', Hitachi H8/3214', Hitachi H8/3216', Hitachi H8/3217', Hitachi H8S/2310', Hitachi H8S/2311', Hitachi H8S/2312', Hitachi H8S/2313', Hitachi H8S/2315', Hitachi H8S/2316', Hitachi H8S/2317', Hitachi H8S/2318', Hitachi H8S/2319' and OKI MSM6588 ADPCM Recorder' devices. - Olivier Galibert added 'SH 16-bits port', SH 32-bits port', SH interrupt controller', SH2/704x ADC', Yamaha MKS3 piano keyboard scanner' and Yamaha SWX00 (sound subsystem)' devices. - Patrick Mackinlay added 'National Semiconductor NS32381 Floating-Point Unit', NEC uPD7261 Hard-Disk Controller' and Tektronix 4404 Mass Storage Unit Floppy Drive Controller' devices. - R. Belmont added 'Apple Tinker Bell system ASIC' device. - Sylvain Glaize added 'Fred_72 and 6502man's Multiports Extension' device. - Vas Crabb added 'SNES MAX Game Controller Interface' device. - Adrian's Digital Basement added 'Tandy Radio Shack Tandy 4000' system. - Berger added 'Novag Industries Super Nova (Novag, v1.05 set 2)' system. - Bitsavers added 'ADDS 4000/260' system. - Darksoft, Team Europe and The Dumping Union added 'Sega / ALi ST-V 486 dev box PC' system. - David Haywood and Sean Riddle added 'Thinkway Toys Interactive M.A.G. Motion Activated Gear: The Batman - Villains of Gotham City' and Thinkway Toys Interactive M.A.G. Motion Activated Gear: Toy Story and Beyond! Buzz Lightyear Galactic Adventure' systems. - David Haywood and Team Europe added ' Croaky Karaoke 16-in-1', Epoch / SSD Company LTD Excite Tennis (Japan)', Epoch / SSD Company LTD Tokyo Friend Park 2 (Japan)', Fisher-Price Fun 2 Learn Smart Fit Park (France)', Konami Goo Choco Lantan Spoo Daisuki! Playmat', Lexibook Lexibook Junior My 1st Drawing Studio', Play Vision Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Play Vision, Plug and Play, UK, 8-bit version)', SDW Games Sudoku: Do You Sudoku?', Texas Instruments Little Professor (1976 version, rev. A)', Texas Instruments Little Professor (1976 version, rev. B)', Texas Instruments Little Professor (1976 version, rev. C)', Thinkway Toys Interactive M.A.G. Motion Activated Gear: Spider-Man - Triple Threat' and VTech Dora the Explorer - Dora TV Globe-Trotter (France)' systems. - DBWBP added 'Quasimidi Musikelektronik GmbH Quasimidi Quasar' and Quasimidi Musikelektronik GmbH TechnoX' systems. - Devin Acker added 'Noise Toys Inc. Jaminator' system. - Dirk Best and Bitsavers added 'Visual Technology Visual 50' system. - Dirk Best, Bitsavers and Mattis Lind added 'Visual Technology XDS-19P' system. - Giulio Zausa, ValleyBell and R. Belmont added 'Roland D-70 Super LA Synthesizer' system. - hap, Berger and Achim added 'Yeno 416 XL (Yeno)' system. - hap and Berger added 'CXG Systems / Newcrest Technology Super Enterprise (model 210.C)' and Perfect Technology Star Diamond (v1.04)' systems. - hap, Sean Riddle added 'Excalibur Electronics Ivan The Terrible', Excalibur Electronics Mirage (Excalibur)' and Saitek Kasparov Chess Academy' systems. - Matt and Olivier Galibert added 'Yamaha PSR-2000' system. - nukeykt and R. Belmont added 'Roland Sound Canvas SC-55mkii' system. - QUFB added 'Casio CFX-9850GB Plus' and Casio Super Picky Talk - Forest of Gurutan' systems. - R. Belmont added 'Apple Computer Macintosh TV' system. - Računalniški muzej added 'Moj mikro Slovenija' system. - Robin Sergeant added 'Research Machines RM-380Z, COS 4.0B with HRG' system.




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