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The control panel is the most important, after the monitor, a video game arcade. The player interacts with the game using the joystick and buttons installed on it. We are also hosting Control Panels up to 4 joysticks and 12 buttons. As for the Marquee here, in the case of mobile arcade dedicated, there may be securities or images related to the hosted game. There is often also presents an installation of ashes. The Control Panel in the picture includes two joysticks and six buttons (3 per player as standard jamma). It also takes the keys to selecting the number of players (maximum 2). Depending on the type of game can still be hosted installed different types of peripherals, such as a steering wheel, a trackball, laser guns, motorcycle handlebars and stick to airplanes (source Wikipedia). From 0.170 version  (February 2016), to arcade machines images were added also those of consoles, computers, handheld game, etc.

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