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This collection contains pictures of the motherboard contained in the arcade machine. I pick up the legacy of Dany69 of MAMEXT, all images up to 0.140 (the one from which I take over) have been carefully selected, processed and renamed by him: thank you very much for your invaluable work done so far. The collection is divided into packets in alphabetical order (for 'nomeset' and not for name game).

Packs (full & update):

PCB Dat 0.193 + ini file

ReadMe File

How to download and update a complete collection:

To be in possession of the complete collection of images in this category, you have to download all of the packages on this page, starting with the one named "Full-Set" and even the latest version of ClrMAME dat. When you have all of these packages, extract all png images of the "Full-Set" in a folder (where you want to store images). Start ClrMAME and load the related dat; take a first scan with all activated fixes (many files will be marked absents). Then, using the "Rebuild" option and after extracting the "update" packages in separate folders, add the missing images; repeat this as many times as there are updates. When you finish, again full scan with all activated fixes.

For more details refer to this guide (in pdf format).


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