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005  Download

10yard  Download
10-Yard Fight (World, set 1)

10yard85  Download
10-Yard Fight '85 (US, Taito license)

1292apvs  Download
1292 Advanced Programmable Video System

18w  Download
18 Wheeler (set 1)

18wheelr  Download
18 Wheeler (deluxe, Rev A)

18wheels  Download
18 Wheeler (standard)

1942  Download
1942 (Revision B)

1942w  Download
1942 (Williams Electronics license)

1943u  Download
1943: The Battle of Midway (US, Rev C)

1944  Download
1944: The Loop Master (USA 000620)

1944j  Download
1944: The Loop Master (Japan 000620)

19xx  Download
19XX: The War Against Destiny (USA 951207)

19xxjr1  Download
19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951225)

2020bb  Download
2020 Super Baseball (set 1)

24_150  Download
24 v1.50

2spicy  Download
2 Spicy

32x  Download
Genesis with 32X (USA, NTSC)

32x_mcd  Download
Mega-CD with 32X (Europe, PAL)

386i  Download

39in1  Download
39 in 1 MAME bootleg

3b1  Download

3do  Download

3do_m2  Download
missing description

3stooges  Download
The Three Stooges In Brides Is Brides (set 1)

3wonders  Download
Three Wonders (World 910520)

3wondersu  Download
Three Wonders (USA 910520)

500gp  Download
500 GP (US, 5GP3 Ver. C)

720  Download
720 Degrees (rev 4)

800fath  Download
800 Fathoms

8ballact  Download
Eight Ball Action (DK conversion)

990189  Download
TM 990/189 University Board microcomputer

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