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Flyers are essentially advertisements or trade announcements meant to entice arcade operators in to buying the latest game that a company has produced. They typically feature large amounts of artwork and a number of screenshots, along with some marketting slogan meant to hype the game. MAMEUI, all derivatives, and just about all front-ends can display flyers if you download the flyerpacks to the "flyers" folder in the MAME directory. The collection is the result of the tremendous work done by the editors of The Flyer Arcade Archive. In the first release many images are taken from the collection of AmyFever which can be downloaded at: MameChannel.it (last Updated 04/02/2009 0.129u3) and later they will all be replaced (although very good...). From 0.170 version  (February 2016), to arcade machines images were added also those of consoles, computers, handheld game, etc.

Packs (full & update):

Flyers Dat 0.183 + ini file

ReadMe File


Arcade Data-Base

progetto EMMA

Flyer Fever

MAME Italian Forum

MAME World


EMU France

EMU France