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MAME, created in 1997 by Nicola Salmoria is an emulator for arcade machines (coin-op) developed by an international team (http://www.mamedev.org) and updated almost weekly with the addition of new games, alternate versions, versions nazioanli, clones, etc. Some of these are currently marked as "not working", but what you fail to emulate today, with the commitment of so many great programmers, tomorrow it will be for sure.



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10/01/2014: Added to the page Snapshots, links (mega.co.nz) with "FULL SET" versions of various categories.

08/18/2014: I'm back! Online all 0.154 MESS update packages (Cabinets, Devices, Manuals and Snaps).

08/06/2014: Updates available for: Languages.ini, Series.ini, renameSET.dat, messinfo.dat, MESSUI, MAMEUI. Online update packages for even collections of images (not all of this time): Snapshots, Cabinets and Flyers. For these last two collections I have to do my thanks to Antny and Haynor666. On all pages has been added to the banner for the new site of Dan (former curator of TAFA): Flyer Fever! From now on I'm on holiday, the next update in 2 weeks!

05/11/2014: Also online all 0.153 MESS update packages!!!

04/30/2014: Online all 0.153 MAME update packages!!!

04/13/2014: Online my files updated: Languages.ini, Series.ini, renameSET.dat, messinfo.dat, MESSUI, MAMEUI32 (fixed by John IV and Mamesick).

02/16/2014: I want to let you know of another hobby, photography. Those interested can visit my Flickr page.

01/10/2014: Online the update 0.152 of Manuals and Flyers!

01/09/2014: Online all 0.152 MAME packages. As usual you can download them from the Snapshots page. For some time now are available all other files updated: languages.ini, series.ini, renameSET.dat, messinfo.dat, MESSUI, MAMEUI32 and all dats. All dats are updated.

12/10/2013: Today online the update 0.151 of Marquees!

11/22/2013: Online all 0.151 MAME packages. As usual you can download them from the Snapshots page. Gią da tempo sono invece disponibili tutti gli altri files aggiornati: languages.ini, series.ini, renameSET.dat, messinfo.dat, MESSUI, MAMEUI32 and all dats. This version will not be updated in other categories of images, but discounted the various dats.

09/21/2013: Start a my new project: Series.ini!

10/08/2013: Online all MAME 0.150 packages (even some repack) of resources. You find them here: Snapshots, Cabinets, Control Panel, Flyers, Manuals, Marquees and PCB.

09/19/2013: Unexpectedly, at least for me, rather than an intermediate version of the MAMEDevs have decided to bring out a stable version (0.150). Excuse me but I was not prepared for this eventuality and have very few resources ready to be put online. However, for this time we will go a little at a time and put online packets from time to time when they are ready, rather than all at once, as usual. For now added MAME dat for this version; released the new version of renameSET.dat (for MAME and MESS), the Languages.ini, 32bit unofficial executables MAMEUI and MESSUI and updated version of messinfo.dat.



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